Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Devastating Thrill

. . . .Not that there is no place for the subjective experience of personal relationship with God, of course.  It is there, along with His written declaration that I know His presence--His amazing love surrounding me despite my fallen nature.  When I received the "great dressing down"--when He showed me true condition, how fallen, how desperate, how utterly wicked in all my so-called "good intentions" and claims, there was no mistaking that He was doing it in love and care for my soul.  He wanted to save me . . . and this was the way; to show me the true situation, take away the self-delusion, but along with the sternness of His approach, there too the unmistakable compassion that is so much His very nature.  What a devastating thrill!  And it remains to this day, whenever I look inward with a spirit of repentance and awe and gratitude, which is most every day, and hopefully, several times a day!
God blesses you...........

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