Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Seed of McCraney's Heresies

Tonight will be another sad episode from Shawn McCraney. . . . Wow, has he gone off the rails!  When the red flags first started showing up I thought someone needed to start addressing it and so I did and was the only one it seemed for quite a while . . . but eventually a lot more people realized where he was going with things and a few other bloggers stepped in to keep a running tab of the heresies, so I've backed off for the most part.  Here is a link to a site that has done a good job organizing the overall trend of Shawn and responses from such as the like of renowned theologian Rob Bowman trying to intervene:


My first alert to potential trouble goes way back to when Shawn was exegeting Romans 9 giving it the typical, man-centered, Sovereignty twisting Arminian spin . . . and even just prior to that  (when he was in Romans 8) when he lambasted the "once saved always saved" notion.  At that time he tried to say that "no, nothing can separate you from the love of God" as per Romans 8:38 . . . "BUT", he then added . . . "you can separate yourself!"

Well, sorry pal, but that means someone CAN separate you from the love of God and your salvation is NOT secure.  It means WORKS!  I remember turning to my wife in the meeting and whispering, "the temple . . . you gotta go to the temple then. . . ." She looked at me perplexed and I explained afterwards:  "If YOU have to maintain a certain kind of "love" . . . and keep yourself "in the vine" as Shawn was saying . . . then it is really no different than the Mormon teaching that you have to go to the LDS temple . . . in order to achieve and keep your salvation. 

If there is something YOU can do to "lose" your salvation . . . . . . If YOU can separate yourself from the "love of God" . . . then it follows that some type of "WORK" is necessary for salvation!  Sorry, there's no way around it.

So was Christ's sacrifice complete or not?!  Was it "FINISHED" as He said?  Or did His dying on the cross just mean that now . . . if YOU can keep it together . . . THEN you will be saved?

One is man centered, based on man's will . . . ABOVE GOD'S; the other keeps God's sovereignty COMPLETE and absolute and perfect!

It was then that Shawn started building heresy upon heresy, though it didn't show up for about a year little when he finally came out and started preaching no Hell, universalism, no Trinity, the Holy Spirit is not a person . . . and so on.

Once you leave the plain meaning of the text, because YOUR feeling or personal reasoning has some problem with it . . . then you are off to the races of heresy, which is especially dangerous if you are in the position of a teacher. . . . .

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