Thursday, May 15, 2014


When the story first appeared regarding the radical Islamic terror group Boko Haram kidnapping the 300 or so school girls . . . I thought, "That's odd . . . why is this in the news?  The Boko Haram, established in 2002 by Muhammad Yusef has been attacking and murdering Christians by the church-load for over a decade.  Why do Hollywood celebrities, the Marxist "mainstream media", the left-wing Godless fascist regime, et al give a c*ap NOW, all of a sudden?"

I immediately smelled something fishy . . . above and beyond the hundreds of tortured, burnt and slaughtered Christian men, women and children that have been steadily murdered by the Islamists in that region of Nigeria.

In fact, Christians are being hunted down, tortured, raped and murdered ALL OVER the Middle East and Africa these days since the petty tyrant and his regime have come to power, mostly with the State Departments' help, and so . . . it struck instantly as odd that some attention was finally being given to the Christian genocide.  But as I thought about it, pretty quick I had a working theory underway, which has only been confirmed since the hash-tags and recent reporting. . . .

I have been writing lately about the great awakening of Christianity in Africa--how it has been rescuing and transforming that long troubled continent . . . and we have had several countries there--once bastions of homicidal Marxist/communist regimes . . . actually coming out as "Christian countries" now.

This is a problem for the Satanic global elite. . . . While they've been busy trying exterminate Christianity from the Middle East (via Islamic wars and "revolutions" in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt) Africa has been off the radar and been steadily being transformed by the regenerative effects of the Gospel.  Barry DID go on a tour there recently and told all the governments they needed to go gay, but he was mostly rebuffed and sent home packing.

Well, this will not stand!  So, what I realized was that the attention so suddenly and oddly being payed to 300 Christian kidnapped school girls in Nigeria . . . is really just a means to get the Christian Nigerian government back on the radar . . . and the whole affair will be used a means to try and topple that government and get it replaced with a radical, terrorist Islamic/Marxist state. 

The hashtag episode . . . is an agenda  and the beginning of getting going a broad social media network and awareness through which the revolutionary agenda can be hurried along.  I suspect that deals are already being made with the Boko Haram . . . where they will be funded and armed by Barry and the gang to continue and upstep the war on the Christian Nigerian government.  "Gay rights" will be . . . (excuse the pun) . . . the blunt end of the ramming rod used to batter down that government in the media and "public opinion".   The Haram will probably be paid off somehow to release the girls to show that "hashtag diplomacy" works . . . and they will be promised expanded support for their future Christian genocidal activities. . . .

A bit cynical?  Heh, this is probably giving "them" TOO much credit for good intentions.  The truth is probably even ten times more cynical and horrific, so disgustingly depraved are our current "leaders". . . .

So, anyway . . . bottom line . . . I think all this sudden attention being paid to Nigeria is part of a larger plan to pay attention to Africa in general . . . and start the revolutionary work of establishing GAY over the whole continent, set up communist and "Islamic" tyrants . . . while exterminating as many Christians as possible--to stop and reverse the trend of the Evangelization of the continent.


In other news . . . we can't leave out the Moloch inspired global baby-murdering agenda.  Abortion and AIDS cases have been plummeting in those countries in Africa that have gone Christian . . . which the billionaire Marxist globalists don't like (they like AIDS and murdering babies for population control of "undesirables") . . . and for the Moloch agenda in general . . . the United Nations is considering making it "law" through treaties that Pro Life speech and advocacy IS EQUIVALENT TO TORTURE. . . .

Yep.  Astounding, isn't it . . . how degenerate and wicked these Godless pagans can be?

So, not only will saying "homosexuality is a sin" be illegal . . . but saying "abortion is murder" will be considered torture. . . .

Here is the news on that:

"Last week, questioners on United Nations Committee Against Torture called pro-life speech “torture.”
This move is part of a broader push by the radical abortion lobby to essentially criminalize the pro-life movement."


Mark said...

Remove the ornaments of ones religions,movements,parties,causes,affiliations,agreements,clubs,sciocieties.

In other words stop giving this "world" power and this world will die!

The worlders know this

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought it extremely odd and when I noticed that they were being forcibly converted to Islam, I knew what this was all about. Thanks for that working theory...seems true enough. It is a slaughterhouse over there, especially in the rural areas...


Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Your insights and suspected twists to the story of kidnapped Christian school girls and Boko Haram, and the Africa agenda are likely (sadly) true.

And hmmm... I had never paid attention to the rainbow in that Denver Airport mural. Sick stuff!

Blessings- Lee

p.s.- and it appears that my attempt to post a comment on your May Day entry was unsuccessful as my computer was acting up that day. But that update was much appreciated and seems spot-on... Russia, Islam, the gay mafia agenda and the attack on the traditional American Christian.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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