Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Notes & Responses

Just got back from a jaunt down to St. George Utah to see Jackson's band Westward The Tide play.  we had never seen them play live yet.  I took a few little video clips of the performance and if he says it's ok I will try and get those up on my YouTube channel.  They are really great live--we are so proud of what Jack's done musically in just the year or so he really started applying himself to it.  More in a bit on all that.....
Hey JC .... I have heard the Spetznaz report in a few places .. but most recently heard it from a talk given by Sargent Major Dan Page at an Oathkeepers meeting in Missouri.... Quite a blunt and dire assessment from Page, who has been in all kinds of military theaters over the years and knows fellow officers at the highest levels confirming what he saw, knows and has heard about what's happening and about what's about to come down.  I found it especially interesting his mention of the "zones" that the U.S. and the world is going to be carved into for NWO government.  It is kind of spooky and strange how many things I got right when I did my satirical  NWO bits as "T-Ray: Regional Director for the New World Order" back in 1990-91 on our local major talk radio station.  I did one  guest appearance with a host named Sam Russell where I talked about the NWO environmentalist agenda and said that the country would be divided into 10 "Zones", the state boundaries basically abolished and that people were to be forced out of their cars and into light rail, bicycles, and rickshaws, heh... and that the U.S. was basically slated to be just one big "national park" for the world's elite to come to as we the citizens were to be left as service workers at that "park" . . . with us all crammed into "smart" cities and overall America being de-industrialized and just left to go back to its "wild" state.....  If you listen to Dan Page, he talks about there being, I think, 10 "zones" intended for the U.S. to replace the states....pretty much like I satirized/predicted 24 years ago!  I also did shows talking about a plan to take people's children from them and put them into opposite type families (opposite race, sexuality, culture, religion etc.) in order to create "diversity" and break down "tradition" ..... I thought of this also when Sargent Page talked about the "education camps" being planned for children, taken away from their parents... much like happened in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.....  Ahhhh, isn't totalitarian, left wing socialism/communism great!

Here's a link to Page's talk, fwiw:

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