Saturday, May 3, 2014

Possible Mitigations Considered, fwiw

There are some potentially mitigating trends, issues . . . I see which could obviate the grim scenario I've described, for what it's worth (fwiw).

It appears the poles have flipped in the world, and what was once called "the dark continent" Africa, steeped in superstition, witch doctery, tribalism and whatnot (according to the "civilized world") is now blazing in many places with the light and love Christ--a beacon to "darkening" "West" and "1st world" which is plummeting into perversion, blind relativism, lawlessness etc. 

Similarly stunning is the rise and flourishing of a spirited, fresh and vibrant Christianity in those countries where it was not so long ago severely beaten down, attempted to be erased, in Eastern Europe, Russia, China. . . .

I am not convinced yet that the political leadership, ie., Putin in Russia, is sincerely allowing the resurgence of Christian morays and culture finally recognizing its superiority as THE positive societal force, or if it is a ruse, but the fact that so many "on the ground" are sincerely rediscovering the Bible's matchless standard as guiding force for the world . . . may overwhelm even the devious intentions of political opportunists. . . .

Also, I would say . . . that even IF ie., Putin is truly taking up the banner in upholding, defending the collapsing values of "Judeo-Christian inspired Western civilization", as some suggest, there are no doubt still old Soviet types within the power base that may take back power and join in with the "bankster" globalists to enforce the establishment of a Godless NWO.

Currently, although the Marxist, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian regime controlling America is having an increasingly hard time keeping all of their lies and scandals and crimes hidden with help from the state-controlled "mainstream" media . . . and even some of the denser of their supporters are finally starting to question just a teeny bit . . . I don't see them going "quietly into the night."  They have got the reigns of power and are desperately, rapidly spreading their comrades and co-conspirators throughout all corners of the government, many of them unelected bureaucrats who will remain to continue the takeover and destruction of the old America.  Now that some of their obvious cover-ups are getting some exposure, there is the grave incentive for them to retain power because of possible criminal charges that could follow if they lose power. . . .

I just don't think that will be allowed to happen.  "They" will put into play some horrific event or events to distract and derail the tightening "noose".  Besides, there are too many in the so-called "opposition" who are already blackmailed and/or bribed to make sure things don't go too far in forestalling the coup.

I hope I'm wrong, but so far, besides the possible mitigating factor which suggests that Russia truly has changed and left its God-hating, subversive, world-domination ambitions behind as real, Bible-based Christianity restores its people, all trends seem to be showing the deliberate slide and destination toward a pagan, anti-Christian, pro-Satan, Islamo-Marxist, perversity-promoting totalitarian police state in America and "the West" . . . ruled by the trillionaire, criminal elite., and that "they" are on a stepped-up timetable to beat the somewhat awakening masses to get it all established and in chains . . . so, pre-planned economic collapse, terror attacks and war . . . are near in the offing . . . probably starting especially in 2015 and through to 2020 for the general wrap up.

I know many (including myself) have expected it all to come down sooner than this, and I suppose it could still drag on as time flies by . . . but it would appear that this time, we may indeed be on the real brink........

Whatever, heh. . . . :)

I'm just making some passing notes and comments.  Really, I continue to make it a point to stay focused on God, His Word and the world to come.  With that perspective, as terrible and sad as watching this evil decay have its brief moment in the sun is . . . it's all quite petty and inconsequential in the End.  God rules.  God is glorified in everything.  I wholly trust Him in all of this.  I don't for a moment think things have gotten away from His divine plan and control.  Praise God:)!

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