Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Being "Sincere"

When I was a "Vaishnava" (devotee of the Hindu version of God, "Vishnu") I believed that a seeker's sincerity was mostly what counted to God.  In fact, over the years, throughout the various permutations of "spirituality" that I studied and practiced . . . I assumed that if a person were truly just sincere . . . then it didn't really matter what doctrine was believed or followed.  God would know that your intentions were right.  Also, it meant that even if you had the utterly correct doctrine, followed it most all ways, if you were not sincere, then it would count for nothing, or very little.  I also believed that there was a sliding scale of "exaltation", again basically based on your sincerity.

Shawn McCraney railed this same general message last night on his show.  Again, he excoriated those who "follow men" . . . who are "religious" . . . who put "correct doctrine" above all.  If you are sincere, regardless of your religion, he was practically saying, then THAT is what God only cared about.  So long as "love" was your guide. 

I heard a clip of Glenn Beck blasting "right-wing Christians"yesterday saying the same thing.  He was savaging those "so-called" Christians who are complaining about his speech at Liberty University, calling them "monsters."  It was obviously the same spirit that Shawn was exhibiting, and which I am seeing more and more it seems.  The Mormons usually will say the same thing when talking about their own salvation.  If asked, "do you KNOW you are saved?" they will hem and haw and say, "I believe so. . . ."  If pressed whether they have given up all "ungodliness" as the Book of Mormon tells them they must to get into Heaven, they will admit that "no, not totally . . . but God knows my heart--He see I'm trying and sincere and I am counting on that--"

It is also what I hear most of the atheists and agnostics say to varying degrees when I listen to their confrontations with street preachers and in debates. . . .

Heresy makes strange bedfellows. . . .

All of this comes simply from a person having a MAN-CENTERED worldview and personal filter.  It comes from NOT being submitted to the Word, but rather, starting with one's own predilections, emotions, imagination etc., then trying to fit scripture into that.

And this, is something you either can See . . . or not.

If "sincerity" is all that matters, then it doesn't really matter if you have the right Jesus, the right doctrines and history or even the correct picture of God.  So long as you are sincere, you can be a Shinto priest making sacrifices to ancestors and animal spirits. . . .

Oh how I am grateful to be rescued from that morass and wilderness of subjective, eisegetical wandering, wondering, error and vain hope. . . .

Most who push this sort of thing, you will find, secretly think quite highly of themselves.  THEY are "sincere"!  THEY are really "trying" to find God!

When we KNOW from His Word that NONE seek Him!  None do good!  Only when GOD HIMSELF grants new life to a soul and gives them a new heart, opens their spiritual eyes and the Spirit teaches them the TRUTH . . . are they then going to TRUTHFULLY seek God! 


Mark said...

37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.

Jesus always down played(humbled) himself(the man or human vessel) to God and stayed true to the spiritual message he was sent to deliver.

The world of the day decided to created the religion around the messenger(man) never fully understanding the message.

Jesus is still the messenger not an idol.

I will not attend the 1st church of the Glen Beck.Lol

Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Perhaps Shawn and Glenn are thinking and justifying to themselves that since God does not want the lukewarm fence sitter, that their 'sincere passion' for wanting God and whatever version of 'the truth' they think they have, will be 'good enough for God'. It is the way of men to think like that, and is easy to justify in society and 'churchianity'.
Thanks as always - Blessings, Lee

Anonymous said...

Bro T,
unrelated question -

Has your son Alexander been involved in fighting any of these newer big wildfires?

Praying for his safety if he has!


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