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NanoTech,Chems,InfoTracking,Eugenics etc. update

[note: please forgive any typos here... it was a lot to write and i'm late for work, gotta run, but wanted to get this out today, God bless]

"Fear those who by usurped power have the means to destroy man's manhood, thereby making him incapable of thinking, reasoning and bereft of the power of imagination; no longer a human creature, but a robot or zombie, prevented from fulfilling his Divine destiny by making it impossible to awaken the Soul."

I don't recall exactly when it was but it seems like in one of the earlier shows I did with Zeph Daniel ("Zedjah") about 7-8 years ago . . . when I gave my theory on chemtrails.  I don't recall anybody else at the time saying this, but I remember "seeing" it in what I called in those days a sort of "visionary flash". . . . I suggested as usual with such things, that there were several different agenda layers to the program . . . but that I suspected nano-technology was involved.  I said that were spraying, among other things, "nano-bots" to infuse into biological systems/bodies . . . for possible present and later activation.  I believe I tied it into the whole electro-magnetic "grid" also being set up at the time through ever ubiquitous phone cell towers and other frequency-generating/manipulating structures like HAARP.  I predicted that one day they would be able to target individuals and specific populations who "think a certain way" according to their particular brain-frequency signatures (ie., conservative, patriotic Christians' brains would generally put off a type of frequency "signature" according to their train of thoughts and "spiritual" inclinations . . . and could thus be targeted as a group for suppression/oppression/torment). . . .

I also tied a lot of the various related agendas into the "transhumanist" movement a la' Ray Kurzwiel's Frankensteinian objectives (merging technology with human biology) and encapsulated it somewhat in the song I wrote and recorded roughly the same time "Transhuman Psychotronic".

Recently I checked back into the subject, looking into some of the latest, best scientific and experiential research on the subject(s) . . . and . . . at least regarding chemtrails, this idea of them involving (among other things) nanotechnology has become a fairly well assumed part of the agenda by the leading investigators on the subject.  If you google "chemtrails" and "nanotechnology" along with "bio-engineering" . . . there are a number of interesting and well-made YouTube videos on the matter.  A researcher I only recently learned about when looking into the Sandy Hook psyop is Sophia Smallstorm, who has a done a few very well thought-out and researched videos on the subjects of 911, Sandy Hook, and chemtrails/bio-engineering.  I found it interesting that she said the same thing I did in a recent interview, that . . . in 2009 while studying the subject of chemtrails it "just hit me like a flash" that nano-tech was involved.  She said all of sudden she "just 'saw' it."  That is about exactly how it came to me also.  On an even further "out there" note I will just say that I suspect that God will continue to get "information"/Truth to people as He wills, circumventing the mind-control systems that "they" are enforcing . . . and it probably come like that, in "visionary flashes" of insight, outside the "normal" modes of "thinking" (which modes I suggested around 2006 were being taken over by a "tripartite layer" such that "original thought" was going to be mostly a thing of the past, as nearly all "thought" would be controlled through various means by the global governing techno-cabal.)

Another agenda item I said was going on received little attention, as it was not the "sexy" analysis that most "conspiracy theorists" were apt to come up with when analyzing apparent "false flag" events.  Again, it hit me in a flash--with a sudden "knowing"--what was really going on.  It was during the H1N1 Bird Flu outbreak/panic back 2009.  Most of the "conspiracy theorists" were giving portents of doom, the usual coming of "martial law" and possible spreading of the virus into cities to kill by the thousands, inducing mass hysteria and the police state we have all been expecting (which is already here, btw) . . . . . BUT what I saw was that these "false flags" were more about was THE TRACKING OF INFORMATION FLOW.  Who is saying what and where as such "events" happen. 
Well, this is just the conclusion that Sophia Smallstorm came to also, I recently heard her say in an her excellent documentary on Sandy Hook which I think she put out in 2013 called "Unraveling Sandy Hook". 
I found that interesting, that this is what she came up with after looking at the whole thing.  Yes, they are in for the gun-grab . . . but as she looked closer at the media reporting and information control and dissemination she saw patterns and, just as I suspected, what is highly involved in all this mess is "information control/tracking" as part of an overall, long-term social engineering project by the invisible cabal. . . .

Besides the disarming agenda involved with recent "false flags" . . . and the information tracking/ molding (which also is a huge part "Common Core") . . . "mental health" is going to be a new big issue "they" will be focusing on.  Who is "mentally healthy"?  This was a major component of the totalitarian regime in the Soviet empire.  Christians, of course, were considered the most UNstable mentally and were forced into "institutions" where they were highly medicated and "re-educated" to abandon their "religious insanity". You can see the "mental health" aspect of the agenda rearing up even now with the shooting in Santa Barbara, California (by Elliot Rodger).

Then there is this. . . . Part of the "agenda" we know is population control/reduction.  The militant homosexual agenda plays a role in this along with the destruction of traditional marriage and sex roles.  But also included I have learned is how technology is also being used, ie., through the ubiquitous installation of WiFi everywhere.

Oh, what a nightmare these children of the devil have in store for the world and have well underway!

But this is why--in seeing all this for some time now, and continuing to be proven mostly correct--I have shifted my own focus on how to react and deal with it.  There are many useless and noneffective ways to deal with it, pushed usually by folk with their own self-interest at the helm, but I want the real deal.  WHAT CAN BE DONE!  How to respond. . . . And, obviously, as believer, the response must be God-centered for it to have any spiritual, long-term effectuality.
For one thing, I have long been warning to be careful not to be caught up in the daily news and latest crisis cycle, flitting here and there, chasing the newest "shocking revelation".  What we need and should be doing . . . is to be locked on to the only Revelation that matters in the end!  DAILY!  Which is why I mostly continue to come here to write and focus on matter pertaining to our Lord specifically, taking the mind away from worldly mess and from where "they" are manipulating mass consciousness to be (likewise on a daily basis) for there fiendish purposes. . . .

". . . except possibly in the governing aristocracy, all but 5 percent of males and 30 percent of females will be sterilized.  The 30 percent of females will be expected to spend the years from eighteen to forty in reproduction, in order to secure adequate cannon fodder.  As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method.  The unsterilized, if they desire the pleasures of love, will usually have to seek it with sterilized partners. . . . Any woman desiring to have a child will have to apply to Eugenic State Authority for the necessary permission . . . if she is satisfactory, a list of suitable sires will be given her to choose from."

I'm sorry I can't recall the fellow's name and blog, but there is a guy who is fighting the installation of WiFi in all the public schools. He is a credentialed chemist--knows his stuff and is sounding the alarm. "Their" test market to begin the agenda is in Florida where they intend to fully outfit a district with mass WiFi capability.  Well, as it turns out, research on the matter shows that WiFi is a form of radiation.  And when it bombards a young girls body, it affect her reproductive system.  What happens is that where a young woman or girl produces eggs and those eggs are bombarded with radiation (ie., from WiFi) the egg "casing" hardens in defense.  In fact, it hardens to much that the "normal" method of sperm uniting thereat CANNOT OCCUR--the sperm cannot penetrate the hardened shell.  So guess what?  The only way she can reproduce is by use of a needle via artificial insemination!

You see, the long-term plan is to eliminate "normal" procreation and replace it with a Eugenic form of scientific reproduction, such that only the "fittest" will be allowed to sire and the children will be brought up by the state.
Anyhow, here are a few more quotes from an old book I've had on my shelf for years called "The Age of Treason" by Dr. Clymer, published in 1959, predicting quote aptly much of what is going on now:

 "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible . . . as a rule artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method . . . . To those accustomed to this system, the family as we know it would seem as odd as the tribal and totem organization of Australian aborigines seems to us."

" . . . Education should aim at destroying the free will, so that after pupils have left school, they should be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. . . . Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between the rulers and the ruled will increase until they become almost different species."

"The enemies of God and mankind, by their own admission, have used, or plan to employ inoculations for the purpose of destroying mental balance, making it impossible for the minds of children to develop beyond a more or less moronic or robotic degree. . . ."

"However – and I want to make this very definite and very positive – the real reason behind fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty…I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time…”

“Every vigilant human being should be concerned with several important factors involved: The methods or means by which it is possible to change man’s characteristics as easily as the animal’s. Man is a warrior by nature, the protector of his family, and his own rights and privileges; an individual, a free man… A being who has wrought great things and who, if not interfered with, will do even greater things. This being is to be turned into a lesser female; unable, even unwilling, to defend himself, much less his family or country; becoming a slave…”


Mark said...

If there is anything the Communist Russia failed miserably at was taking Norway and the Viking.Vikings did not like oppression.The Vikings understand the Godhead and the forces of the natual world.Their intelect will be dumbfounded

ROGER said...

Whoa, Bro. T.

I just finished reading the DIVERGENT trilogy last week. Very interesting books in regards to dystopian societies. It's interesting how these popular "teenager" books are so profound and mirror everything you have talked about and wrote about over the years. I just wonder if the young ones whom read this series understand all of the implications presented by its author and how prophetic in scope that they are?

The HUNGER GAMES is another series of dystopian books that I've read recently. However, not as engaging as the DIVERGENT series.

Perhaps, these books will wake-up some of these young ones? The "second-generational conspiracy theorists?"

Peace and many blessings,

Linda L. said...

Immigrants from Central America, including several hundred unaccompanied minors a day, being dumped in Phoenix bus stations by ICE. Children are supposedly being taken to detention center in Nogales for health screenings and vaccinations. Governor is not happy with Obama!!

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