Monday, May 12, 2014

Mind/Social Controls cont.

I might mention here also that this ploy of mind/person/social control has been well employed by the Communist party since its heyday.  WHATEVER the "party" decrees is what is to be followed, even it flatly contradicts the day prior's policy.  The initial pact between Hitler and Stalin in WWII is a clear example of this in action.  Germany (the Nazi's) and Russia (the Commi's) were allies in the beginning.  All the press in Russia was favorable toward the National Socialists (Nazi's) of Germany and to Hitler.  "Overnight", when Hitler broke the pact, the Germans became "glavny vrag" ("Number One Enemy") and Soviet propaganda switched on a dime to demonize their fellow socialists.

In Marxist Communist ideology, change is the only constant and man his own lawgiver . . . so, being unmoored from God's standard . . . policy, propaganda, friends and enemies can switch in an instant.  There are no "absolute" principles, no law giver but The State.  This is also the notion of what's called "positive law" versus "natural" or "God's" law . . . and always leads to the tyranny of men.  It is why America's founders (knowing and believing in "God's Law") created a "nation of laws" NOT a "nation of men" and this is the chief difference between a "Constitutional Republic" versus a "democracy" or socialist dictatorship. 

In any case, it is well worn technique of social and mind control . . . to put authority in a person, a "man" versus in the transcendent, absolute Divine.  Under the former, people lose their ability to reason, to think and just follow the strongest or most devious personality. 

Today this mind control technique is often observable in many daily news stories.  A report will come in saying for instance that the unemployment rate is lower, ie., 6.3 percent . . . but then in the same report they will something like "more people have left the job field, (lost jobs) than at any other time in the last 30 years".  Often you will here in news stories two completely conflicting stated facts cancelling out each other, so the story makes no sense.  This is to break down discernment, independent, logical thought . . . as shown in the book "1984" so well . . . so that the subject gives up thinking and just starts to follow..........

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Mark said...

This is why this "world" is headed for implosion or a zero sum game.This world will be it's own demise.

It is more important to focus on the kingdom to come while watching(whitnessing) this one pass.

"IT IS DONE" we will say.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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