Thursday, May 22, 2014

Examples of Sumbission

Another example of what I've been trying to communicate for a while here regarding the difference between being truly submitted to the Truth versus delusionally just continuing to follow the self while claiming to be follow the Truth. . . .

When I use to follow what I might loosely call "my own reasoning" I couldn't imagine that God would be the kind of being who would "punish people forever" in Hell just because they didn't adhere to a specific set of beliefs.  I didn't believe in a God who created Hell.  It made more sense to me that we would or at least could ALL reach God--become identified with deity, being but small sparks of that deity anyhow, although it might take eons and millions of rounds of incarnation.  THAT made more sense to me than the idea of a "judgmental" God who sent "sinners" to "hell".  My own reasoning was very similar to that of Shawn McCraney's on Hell and what you hear many atheists and agnostics say.  They simply cannot, will not believe in a God who would send people to eternal torment for so-called "sinning" in one brief life on earth. . . .

But now, I confess and believe The Word of God and in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that Jesus is the only Way.  And I am submitted to His Word, whether I personally like parts of it or not.  I still have discomfort with the doctrine of Hell, although I believe I understand it much more deeply than ever before and that the Spirit is revealing God's glory in it as my unfolding regeneration continues.  Regardless, despite my own predilections or theories on the matter, the Bible is clear.  There IS a Hell, Jesus warned of it, and God WILL send unrepentant sinners there to suffer eternal damnation.

Also, consider "gay marriage". . . . Personally, I do not enjoy seeing two dudes full mouth kissing on my local t.v. news every day and night.  I personally don't believe that it is good for children to be brought up by "two mommies" or "two daddies" but instead I believe they should be raised by a mother and a father, man and wife, married hetereo-sexual couple.

BUT . . . if there were a passage in the Bible that said something like "God also made the effeminate, that they too may join in marriage and raise adopted children" . . . REGARDLESS of my personal opinion or predilection . . . I would have to support gay marriage, whether I myself liked it or not.  I am SUBMITTED TO THE WORD.  In this case, the Word supports what my own inclination is--that it is not to be condoned--and so, even though all of society supports it and persecutes those who don't, I MUST stay true to the Word of God on the matter. . . .

(I perhaps have more to say on this...... gotta run.... but back in a flash... God bless you:)

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