Friday, May 16, 2014

Beware The Rotten Fruit Smattering

It is becoming clearer to me all the time, as time goes on and the Spirit reveals more depth and nuance within His perfect Word . . . that many who fancy themselves followers of Jesus . . . really only follow a "Jesus" they have made up in their own minds.  Armed with a few select verses which support their self-made idol, they are constantly ready to critique and disparage any whose God does not match the idol they hold fast to within, usually with the charges of "legalist", "religious", "Pharisee" or the easy, go-to catch-all "heretic".

On the other hand, just because many are quick to produce the charge of "heretic" . . . does NOT mean that there aren't indeed real heretics. . . .

So, who's got the right One?  Where is the real Jesus to be found?  And does all this parsing and dividing and judging and discerning really matter?  Again, many end up just not wanting to be bothered by it, and so, shrug away the search for truthful answers, content to remain with whatever version has happened to develop in their own minds.

Almost all will claim, in any case, that their testimony relies on experience WITHIN.  Indeed, all of these have some sort of internal "experience" of what is deemed the "spiritual"--of "God"--but how is one to determine whether that "experience" is truly of God . . . or only of imagination, or worse, of demonic mis-directions. . . ?

This is where study of the Word comes in, and where I become suspicious of those who do not look to God's Word, except in superficial, emotional or subjective ways and tend to call those who DO go to the Word and propound It vigorously "legalistic" . . . or "controlled by religion".

Man-made "religion" is one thing, and all along has been a problem for the real disciples of Jesus--indeed, it was the "religious" who clamored for His silencing and death. . . . But just as often, I observe that many of those who attack "religion" are shouting from just another ditch.  They have constructed an idol in their own minds of who Jesus is--what following Him means, and usually it is not so much based in the authority of Scripture but derives from personal inclinations, pet theories, vanity and hazy, emotionally hatched thinking.

I don't mean to imply that ONLY those with a broad, thorough knowledge of Scripture are capable of "following Jesus."  JESUS the Person saves, not Scripture.  And plenty of babes in Christ, ie., new born again converts in disparate lands--the jungles of the Congo, deep in the Amazon rain forest, far off in desert caves, or alone in some large pagan city--have neither fully understood nor even known of much Biblical doctrine/history at all.  But if they are true converts, truly born again, they crave to know more.  I have in mind a video that recently made the rounds of some new Believers in China who finally got their first shipment of Bibles.  When the box arrived they opened it with awe and precious care, breaking into tears as they handled the Books reverently, thankfully, joyously.
Others like these dear ones sometimes only have had one Bible to share among a whole Church or village and they would pass it around, righteously coveting it.  Some have cut it into parts so that each might have a precious portion to pour over, then trade it amongst themselves.  Bottom line is, those who are truly born again yearn for MORE of the Word and want to delve into It deeper and broader and get it right!  Those who only want an idol--who only want certain verses that they can twist to suit their personal imagination or demonically lead cult of understanding, tend to marginalize the whole of the Word, focusing instead on select portions which buttress their own agendas.

I don't know of any authentic disciples who are content with a smattering here and there of Scripture and who do not want to learn more and study to "show themselves approved" to handle and wield the holy Word of God.  The false ones exalt their ignorance into something noble, claiming that "spirit" trumps what is Written, forgetting that Jesus Himself was always pointing to Scripture to validate His role and that It "might be fulfilled."  These are they who constantly getting "words" from the Spirit, most of which (not surprisingly) CONTRADICT or pervert what He established in His Revelation to us.

Does anyone have a complete and perfect knowledge of Scripture, or of God's character?  No, not among mortals and I wonder if we EVER will.  I suspect that one of the great thrills of Heaven will be a continual and endless unfolding to our appreciation and understanding an ever deepening witness to Who and What He Is.  But woe to those who have tasted of the fruits of His Spirit and eat from His table, but then take that smattering and run . . . to concoct self-pleasing doctrines and then begin constructing a different God, an idol (which is nothing but a mystical hash of self) while condemning those who yearn and strive to stay in TRUTH, whether the Truth is pleasing to the self and one's idol or not. . . .

These are they for whom the warning passages of Scripture are given; those who do not "abide in the vine."  These are they who eventually leave because "they were really never of us."  --1 John 2:19

"By their fruits you will know them. . . . " besides actions, means the DOCTRINES that such preach.  If someone is teaching what is not found in the Scripture, which is to be our guide, then you will know that "teaching" derives from a different "Jesus"--one formed in their own mind and wicked, unregenerate heart.

"Nothing so much prevents men from entering the strait gate, and becoming true followers of Christ, as the carnal, soothing, flattering doctrines of those who oppose the truth. They may be known by the drift and effects of their doctrines. Some part of their temper and conduct is contrary to the mind of Christ. Those opinions come not from God that lead to sin."  --Mathew Henry commentary on Mathew 7:20

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Mark said...

We idol worship.If there is a flaw and is actually a sin and probabidy "the original sin" is as humans we have the need for tangables.We want to see it and touch it.

Jesus knew this about him self and spent his days spreading a message and denying his self.Jesus would always defer to the Godhead,God,Creator, or my fave.."the one who sent me".

The thing is the message is so powerful that humans began to mistake the(human) messenger as God in the flesh and we begin to idolize that human as God.

This is where dieing to self or the denying the self comes in.

Jesus was aware of this human flaw and humans would soon build a religion around him and completly destroying his purpose witch was to deliver a message(the word).In other words the messenger overroad the message through religion(idol worship).

We worship"the rock" and yet don't get the message written upon it.

Hey,I love ya bro but I'm not about to worship you.Lol...ha,ha,ha

Deny the self and defer to the Creator or know thy place in the order.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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