Friday, May 9, 2014

A Supreme Mind Control Technique

When I was a "sannyasin" . . . a "renunciate" . . . a "disciple" of the now infamous "guru" Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh . . . I eventually caught on to what was in essence a very effective and tricky mind control technique he used to get and keep his followers.  (This was in the late 70's).  He was the master of it.  I since learned it was a technique used by the likes of Jim Jones, Charles Manson and many other less sinister but equally deceptive "teachers" . . . "prophets" . . . "gurus" . . . ."charismatic leaders" . . . . . .

But Bhagwan elevated it to a virtual philosophy--even a "religion" in and of itself.  Rather than use the technique but hide it . . . he boldly came right out and admitted it was his "way" . . . and that it was the "highest way" even and THE method for taking someone out of ignorance and spiritual bondage into "enlightenment" . . . God consciousness. . . .

And it is simply the technique of teaching completely contradictory "truths".   One day, for instance, Bhagwan would say you must strive and fight and practice etc., to reach "enlightenment" . . . then the next day he would say it is impossible to reach God through striving. 

He would say one day that you must WANT to find God above all else or you would never make it.  Another day he would say that only when you gave up trying to find God . . . THEN you could find Him.

In one teaching session he would say that the way to "liberation" or "moksha" . . . was to totally renounce all desires--to be "desireless" . . . Buddha taught.  Your ego was the problem and only when you completely lost your ego and all desire . . . could "satori" be achieved.  A week later he would teach from the Tantric ("left hand path") that . . . you must grow your ego and satiate every and all desires . . . THEN the ego would "fall away" and "nirvana" would be reached. . . .

(to be continued)

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