Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Subtle Danger of Worldliness

There are the sins of carnality, of the flesh--indulgence, addiction, physical pleasures returned to. . . .

Then there is the sin of worldliness.  The first is obvious and of a lower order.  The second realm of sin is subtle and more dangerous.  "Religiousness", for instance, is of the worldly type.

There are those who by natural predilection are not so much tempted to the carnal pleasure of the flesh.  They look down on those whom they consider base, weak and vulgar.  The "worldly" however are susceptible to the great, sneaking evil of pride and self-righteousness.

They like to exhibit themselves as "better" because of things like their position, the "respectability", there success in living. . . .  "Worldliness" is not just shown in those who love the so-called "secular", perverse and corrupt "world" . . . but also in those who create a different "world" that may have all the trappings of "Christian lifestyle".   ANY "world" that come between the soul--the person--and God is a fallen "world" and an idol.

When such "worlds" become a source and milieu of pride, of the self-righteous variety, great danger lurks in the shadows of that "world" . . . for the enemy loves little more than to inhabit the trappings of "religiosity", especially under the banner "Jesus", while actually working to undermine, confuse, distract, misdirect and divide . . . with the same violent lust that you see in those who break into perceived holy places (churches, sanctuaries, etc.) to blaspheme, vandalize, destroy. . . .

Beware the one . . . who appears to have "conquered" "carnal sins" showing a certain subtly ostentatious display of austerity and "self control" . . . while their hidden "worldliness" is actually raging . . .  as they condescend, compete, lord over . . . fully given to the "world" THEY have created, inhabit and worship. 

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Mark said...

These worldly things are the "ornaments" that Israel(the people) need to put off and according to scipture Israel will.

6 Therefore the people of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments, from Mount Horeb onward.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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