Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sad Fruits of Corrupt Doctrine....

Yeah . . . darn it.  I was afraid of this.  I didn't bring it up at the beginning but in my own mind when I first heard (right at the start of the Cliven Bundy event) that Cliven was Mormon . . . I was concerned.  But . . . I didn't want to openly pre-judge and in the initial interviews he seemed to have a pretty solid grasp of traditional Americanism and the issues of the day . . . so I hoped he might turn out to be . . . finally . . . a stand-up, principled poster boy for the legitimate "resistance" to the government's tyranny.

Why did the Mormon part concern me?  Well, in general their thinking is confused.  In liuberty and Constitutional matters . . . close, but no cigar. . . . They often will have a fairly decent grasp of American Constitutional Republicanism but the dire and deep errors of Mormon theology contain some serious logical flaws, and sooner or later this takes the day.  In order to persist in their belief in Joseph Smith and the L.D.S. religion, they necessarily have to overlook obvious problems and logical contradictions in their history and faith, and this creates a big, wide open gate (intellectually, spiritually, morally) for the Deceiver to enter in and cause trouble for the rest of their thinking and motives.

Then there is the problem that a lot of them have at their psychological core--where their religious doctrine maintains a "the end justifies the means" meme, which too often shows up in matters of business, politics, morals. . . .

You see, fundamental to the foundation of their theology and doctrine is the idea that God in essence tricked (deceived) Adam and Eve into committing sin because the Fall was "necessary" so that human spirits could get physical bodies . . . which is (according to Mormonism) necessary for achieving godhood.  (Some influential Mormon leaders have said the "the Fall" . . . was a "Fall UPWARD" for instance.)

What happens psychologically to LDS is that they see that God Himself was okay with lying or deceiving to reach His divine purposes . . . (the end justified the means) so . . . what's the big deal . . . if in a business deal . . . or political move . . . or whatever . . . if you deceive another . . . so long as your ultimate objective is "good" (ie., the building up of "The Church")?  It is not coincidence that Utah has long been considered (and too often proven in statistics) to be the fraud capital of the country.  Hey, if you can get over on a business deal (a land deal, ie.,) and screw a "gentile" over . . . and get a windfall . . . but then give a big fat 10% to "The Church" (for the building up of the "kingdom") . . . what's so bad about that?  I mean, God Himself used deception to reach His divine purposes (according to LDS doctrine) right?

And . . . well . . . The LDS Church has a long running problem of racism embedded in its core doctrines and early teachings, which . . . sometimes surface in those members who are outside the urbane sensitizing of the big cities.  The "prophet" Brigham Young said some terrible things about the "negroes" and I myself remember being taught in my "priesthood" class that blacks bore the "mark of Cain" . . . and were "lazy fence sitters" in the pre-existence . . . and that whiteness of skin was a sign of righteousness.  The lighter . . . the more righteous a person was.  We were taught that the American Indians were going to start turning white the more they learned and accepting the (LDS) "gospel".

So . . . yeah . . . I was concerned that Bundy might turn out to be a knucklehead, or a grifter, or found to be deceptive in the end . . . or seen as racist . . . and in some way, then end up tarnishing the whole patriot movement just when it least needs it.  Now he becomes the poster child for the "racist" "white supremacist" Tea Party, just as the media has been trying foist the image all along.

It's not true of course.  And whether some of the things Bundy has said are true or not . . . perception trumps reality these days, and the last thing we need is some country bumpkin getting full of himself and relishing all the attention . . . who then drags the whole liberty movement down a rat hole . . . because the ol' fool ain't got no sense. . . .

With the despicable Harry Reid (LDS) on one side . . . and Cliven on the other (LDS) I had an uneasy feeling from the start . . . but hoped against hope that Bundy would turn out to be as savvy and right on . . . as he seemed to be in the early days of the fracas. . . .

Meanwhile, don't get me wrong.  I love and mourn the LDS people.  It is MormonISM . . . "the corporation LDS church" . . . Joseph Smith and the other "prophets" . . . who I believe do not deserve respect.  Joseph Smith was a liar, a con artist, a sexual predator and above all a "false prophet" and blasphemer.  LDS doctrine is blasphemous at its core.  "The Church" is a money-making, mind-controlling scam, in bed with the NWO, toying with peoples' very souls and eternal salvation to boot!  NO good fruits can come from it ultimately, whatever temporary "good" deeds they do in the meantime.

I AM angered by the fact that between (LDS member) Karl Rove on the right . . . and (LDS member) Harry Reid on the left . . . over the last decade especially . . . we have lost our country and are in the early stages of a totalitarian Marxist/Socialist coup.  And, oh yes, I know it has been in the works for a long time and plenty of other self-serving traitors have been involved all along the way . . . but those two especially--during the Bush years and now well into Obama's--have been right at the core, at the levers and gates . . . of the final acts of takeover and destruction . .  . and yes, I do think you can trace that church's deplorable doctrine and teachings through each of their particular acts and justifications for the acts they have done (ie., in Rove's all-out assault on the conservative wing of the Republican Party while promoting establishment "RINO'S" . . . and Reid's--well, the despicable Harry Reid has done more probably than any man ever in the country to subvert, corrupt and destroy it. . . .)  If "the Church" were really "true" . . . they should have moved on him long ago, considering his personal corruption and lies, and excommunicated him with a flourish!

Anyway it's just sad, the whole thing. . . . 
And this was the last thing we needed (those who are yet legitimately trying to hold the line and give some push back to the takeover. . . .)


Mark said...

The "in the know" Mormon/Mason know this land is special in the creators eyes. They just thought they would usurp the power there of for themselves and keep it a little secret.

This why Albert pike(a good little mormon boy)was on to the Cherokee and other tribes.

This is why I keep saying that this supposedly Mormon/Masonic founded nation is all steeped in a lie/secret!Once I saw all of the indian nations gathered(trail of tears) in Oklahoma near "the rock" with a sybol representing"inherited land".Qietly the Creator has been gathering his family from the "the four corners of the earth".

The proporty marker is in the heartland/native america.

This land in the Creators eyes(laws) rightfully belongs to all his family.

Fortunately I gain nothing from the lie and don't keep secrets.

Mercy is granted when one sees the truth!

Mark said...

A good read to go with my other coment.

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