Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Nevada Stand Off

When I first became aware of the Bundy ranch situation in Nevada last Sunday my initial suspicion was that the despicable Harry Reid likely had something to do with it.  I also thought of the Chinese and how they are quietly taking over large tracts of property throughout the country.  Turns out this may be just the case.  I also thought of the Ukraine.  This is our Ukraine situation.  Not what's happening currently there but what happened under the Stalin and Soviet rule in the early 1930s.

Under the model that I have been predicting for some 20+ years, I would expect the "Soviets" (the Marxist/communist cabal who have long infiltrated our government and culture) to repeat the conquering program that worked so well for them in 20th century Russia and Eastern Europe.  A big part of that regime was to force the citizen off their farmlands and country estates into the cities where they could be controlled more easily.  To deal with the natural resistance of patriotic, country land owners, the tyrants took over the farms (and cattle ranches) and deliberately cause millions to die from the subsequent enforced starvation.

What's happening in Nevada is public kick-off to that pogrom though it has been underway for quite a while already, quietly, where already many thousands of farmers and ranchers have been bullied out of their way of life and off their property.  Cliven Bundy is important for them because he has resisted and typifies the traditional American patriot . . . and so needs to made a shocking, public example off.; kind of like the Branch Davidians--"you will submit and obey us or we will burn you and your women and children alive by the scores."

The folks here in Utah are watching this closely as the same situation has already been happening here but most expect will be ramping up following the Nevada example. A the local AM talk radio station where I once had my show a couple of the hosts are heading down there to stand with Bundy and it will be interesting to get their on-the-scene updates and observations aside from the state-run ("mainstream") media reports.  I do fear there will be violence as I heard one regular caller call in quite emotionally upset saying basically that he was fed up with the government's increased tyranny and he was taking his gun down there and may just . . . well . . . he sounded a beside himself, a bit unstable . . . and proclaiming he nothing left to lose.   I don't know who he is, other than a caller I've heard before, and it is those like him who've been pushed to the limit that I'm afraid will ignite a conflagration.

Another concern is that this whole trumped up (by the Feds) situation could be the fuse lit that finally kicks off the civil war they have been fomenting with increasing intensity.  Could it spiral out of control and give the pretext to . . . God forbid . . . drastically affect the upcoming elections--especially the presidential election?  I think, for once, many agree that if any of the presidents we have feared might cancel elections under a "state of emergency" this one . . . is the one most likely to actually do it......

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Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Yep, Harry Reid and his son represent and have a big financial interest in the Chinese company wanting to use Nevada public lands for a $5 billion solar energy plant. And patriotic ranchers like Bundy stand in Reid's way. And too many people are blind to the situation in the US now, and will keep re-electing corrupt career politicians like Reid, Pelosi and here in TN, we'd like to defeat Alexander.

But I do feel this Nevada BLM vs Bundy situation could easily be staged or provoked and get out of control. April 19th is just next week, and the Marxist government could use another Waco for their plans and takeover. Violent things tend to happen around April 19th it seems.

But at the same time, eyes on the Lord is the only way to get through this tyranny....and prayers for this situation.

- Lee

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