Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not Bowing To Baal

I expect a big upcoming push will be for churches to lose their tax exempt status and/or their property tax exemption . . . unless they tow the party line on gay sexuality (celebrate it, don't condemn it, don't repeat what the Bible says about it etc.).  Speaking Biblically about ie., gay marriage is already practically illegal in other "western" countries as we've seen street preachers arrested for having "offended" a passer-by with their speech.

When the hammer really comes down here in the U.S.--when the tax exemptions for churches get threatened and revoked, many, many churches will not be able to survive.  There will also be strictures on published speech, ie., on the internet (blogs, videos) and in this, along with several other specific choke points (race, Islam, Bible inerrancy, creationism/evolution, "woman's rights", abortion etc.) . . . there will come a day when you will no longer be able to find, read, listen to, watch, any alternative perspectives, true or not, besides what the "party line" will determine is "correct".  Those holding to an "orthodox", classical Biblical Christian "worldview" . . . will be seen as dangerous, evil, enemies of the peace and state, insane, fanatical and so on; along with traditional, (truly) conservative political views.

If you are such a person, who still holds to traditional American political philosophy and/or Biblical Christianity . . . you are going to be made to feel quite isolated and alone, as if only you and a few other "nuts" believe such old "old-fashioned" madness.  It will be almost impossible to link up with other like-minded types, and even though you may still be in the majority . . . or at least a healthy, large minority of the population . . . you won't see evidence in any media, nor any longer at a nearby church that others share your faith, your point of view. . . .

Many who you may currently follow or consider leaders of the "faith" . . . of "truth" will buckle under the social and legal and even police pressures, if they haven't already.  They will justify their "new" take on things as not really being compromise, but just sensible under the circumstances . . . and they will no longer stand strong for truth and the Gospel, but will subtly join in with the rebellion parade and will even go so far as to start attacking those who will still not submit--who will not bow the knee to Baal.

Oh, there will be a sort of wishy-washy, cheap grace, God loves everybody equally regardless of sin, universalist, humanistic, man/woman centered, Christianity-In-Name-Only pabulum still available at "authorized" and "permitted" "churches" . . . but serious, sold-out Bible believers will be anathema to the culture at large (more than they even are already) and gathering together publicly will be difficult as it is ie., Islamic and communist countries.

But take heart . . . God will be glorified in all this nonetheless, just as He was during the time of Acts and the Apostles . . . when they too were scourged for their testimony and preaching.

Those of us who believe that God is completely sovereign . . . never have to be dismayed that, ie., evil is "winning the day" for we know that NOTHING will be happening . . . except that the Lord is allowing it . . . for His perfect and divine purposes . . . which all redounds to His glory, and we do not rue this.  We lift up His name under any and all circumstances, trusting that all things will work for good for those who love and serve Him above all.

Another thing to keep in mind as the situation develops . . . is that truth has a way of rising to the top and overthrowing lies no matter how much tyranny, compulsion, trickery, confusion and evil sows.  Those who shake their fists at God, create idolatrous gods to worship in their own minds and society . . . eventually rot from the inside out and crumble.  They can't keep it up.  It goes against reality.  Even with the technological and biological infusions they are creating to "change" human nature (ie., through transhumanism) they will NOT be able to subvert God, Truth, Biblical teaching etc., in REALITY.  For reality is against them regardless.  They are living lies, perpetrating lies and corruption and TRUTH will always win in the end; and we've been given the ending.

Also, remember the warning: "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory, and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels."  --Luke 9:26

Pray for those who crumple under the pressure, who betray, who side with the enemy, that they recover and return to the way of truth!  The greater the light given to a person, who then turns against it/Him . . . the greater the condemnation!

And never forget, there will always be a "seven thousand" remnant who WILL NOT bow the knee to Baal. . . . (see Rom. 11:4)

 I will be commenting more on this overall subject . . . here and there . . . as it continues to develop and oppress. . . .

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Mark said...

They cannot see that which is dead to self.

Run silent run deep within.

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