Monday, April 14, 2014

Nevada ground zero?

.....another vignette . . . for the girl . . . is following....but meantime real quick wanna just say that I don't think by any means is the bundy affair over...... No way 'they' would appear to have been defeated like that.... No, repercussions must accrue.  Would we not expect that an example against defiance must be made?  How dare the riff raff think they can oppose, especially with guns and horses?  No way.  Something wicked this way comes, I fear.........


Anonymous said...

Harry Reid already said that "this is not over." And fact is that the Democrat-affiliated politician who has introduced many bills in my (formerly) great state of California to cut off further access to guns for the "riff raft" was recently caught selling a mother lode of used weaponry to a terrorist group overseas. Not to mention the "Fast and the Furious" business. Those who are in on so-called "gun control" do not mind handing them over to people to do dirty work in exchange for some heavy coin. And if good old Harry, who is knees-deep in that muck, can get both out of this particular Nevada situation, I wonder who he may be looking to sell to?


Mark said...

It's amazing the extent lucifers minions will go to cover up their love to destruction of innocence(In the creators eyes(laws)).Just like the laws that make it legal in man's eyes(laws) to kill babies(innocence).

The shootings in K.C. are part of this message from the creator "I am" decides when one dies not man.

Ultimately the people (Israel) are voteing for their own destruction by voteing the same idiots into office.You see there is not much to choose from when Lucifer gives the choices.

"DONT VOTE" and you have voted!

Quit voteing for the destruction of innocence! These idiots have overtaken what in Gods eyes belongs to the innocent.

Sometimes silence(Not vote) speaks loudest.

War on Commies(Russia) &Facist(Germany).

There is a "rock" in Oklahoma and upon that rock is written "inherited land".

Anonymous said...

A further question...

about what date of publication did you say in a post a year or two ago would be good for getting away from the "Marxist-godless" mind trap literature and writing that has been going on ever since the Communists took control of most major printing presses?

I remember that post from a couple of years ago, but I could not find it and my memory is fuzzy. Could you tell more about that?


Linda L. said...

So what's your take on the 2nd Ft. Hood shooting April 4, 2014? Is there something happening at Ft. Hood in particular? The first one that made it in the news was several years ago.

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