Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In His Peace

"Peace does not dwell in outward things, but within the soul; we may preserve it in the midst of the bitterest pain, if our will remains firm and submissive. Peace in this life springs from acquiescence to, not in an exemption from, suffering."  --Fenelon

"If out will remains firm and submissive". . . . This is key to real peace.  Submissive to what?  To others, other creatures?  No, although sometimes that is God's will that we be.  But other times, in fact, we are called to resist and stand against the will of others and not submit.  For instance, as God is now pouring out his judgment on the nations, and especially America which has received so much Light in the past and was so blessed, but has turned away from God and now blatantly mocks and assails Him . . . it is clear that He has turned the rebels over to their reprobate minds.  They call good evil and evil good while gloating and parading their hateful rebellion against His laws, His very character. 

Is the believer, the disciple to submit?  To acquiesce in supporting the open rebellion?  No, at least not in relation to  standing for and continuing to assert the Truth.  We are not to go silent.  We are called to be "salt and light", beacons on a hill, to proclaim the Gospel truth so that those who hear His voice may be saved, while those who are children of the devil are compounded in their unrighteousness, for His wrath is poured upon them who, hearing the truth, refuse to believe it.

In all things, we are called to submit to HIS will and purpose.  Striving against His will when sometimes it calls for our suffering . . . is the main cause of dis-ease and confusion and depression.  Suffering gladly for His name . . . brings an unearthly joy and peace which puts the wicked to shame, and of which, regardless, they are in awe. . . .

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Mark said...

"The lion lays with the lamb" Within the believer.

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