Saturday, April 26, 2014

False Flag and Only 2 Ways to go

Perusing the talk radio shows during my grueling commute the other day . . . I listening to Glenn Beck for a few minutes.  He was into one of his sermon-esque rants about the role of God in these times and I could only listen for a short time . . . as any time he starts giving his spiritual advice I always get so instantly grieved in the Spirit that I cannot bear it for long.  His Mormon theology so infects his reasoning that it is literally painful for me to hear him speaking of "Christian" values, addressing other "believers" . . . where part of what he asserts is correct . . . but combined with vital, disturbing rank error. 

He was saying something to the effect, paraphrasing, that . . . while the times we live in are so treacherous (agreed) . . . we are also in a time of "amazing miracles", and that he and others he knows are witnessing stunning "miracles" daily.  He went on to say, in effect, that if we are living "right" and on "the right side" that we should "expect miracles" . . . in fact, that we must "demand miracles" of God!

And that is when the pain started.  "DEMAND" miracles of God?!!  Yikes. . . .

But this is typical of where self-centered, man-centered, humanistic theology ends up; which is right in the lap of Luciferian theology. . . .

I switched the channel to a local talk show host (one who has been on the air here for years and with whom I've had some slight, past interactions) and he was talking about the need to reject "oughts" and "shoulds" . . . and how the universe is our oyster . . . just waiting for our commands . . . as we "create our own reality" . . . where we are the "gods of our own world" . . . and must resist any "authority" outside of ourselves, especially, ie., from those perpetrating the traditional, "absolutist" Biblical worldview.  He is also a Mormon, by-the-way, but a very liberal, new-agey, mystical type who "sees truth in all religions" and where the self is the final determiner of what is "right" and "wrong".  The only "evil" is that which would stifle us or get in the way of our "happiness" and self fulfillment.

With these two shining examples of "do what thou wilt-ism" (the devil's theology) disturbingly fresh on my mind . . . I've noted in the following days just how prevalent, ubiquitous this religion (which claims to NOT be a religion) is today. 

Yesterday, on the Dennis Miller radio talk show, Dennis had a guest on hyping a book (I think) called "Star Power"  . . . which is a book that looks at the "great movies" of the past to see how they teach ultimately "self empowerment" . . . how to "achieve your dreams" . . . "overcoming obstacles to self fulfilment" and so on. . . .

Then, occasionally flipping through the FM radio stations it struck me how nearly all of the currently popular songs . . . were about . . . "not taking it anymore" . . . not letting others "keep you down" . . . typified, for instance by Katy Perry's recent hit "Roar" which has lyrics such as "You held me down, but I got up . . . get ready 'cause I had enough . . . I went from zero, to my own hero . . . 'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar . . . "

Nearly all of the songs have the basic message, story . . . of . . . "I've been held down, kept back by 'you' . . . not gonna take it anymore . . . look at me, look at me . . . I'm great . . . I'm gonna do it my way now . . . get out of the way . . . I'm a winner if I say so . . . 'you' can't beat me, can't defeat me . . . no more following the rules . . . I make my own way . . . I'm doing it my way . . . don't hold me down, don't hold me back . . . " and so on and so forth. . . .

What is quite obvious to me . . . and to anyone with the Eyes to See it . . . is that there really only 2 things going on here--2 ways to go. . . .

One is in submission to God, recognizing HIS absolute authority and sovereignty over HIS creation, over HIS creatures,

versus . . .

standing up, shaking your fist at God, "demanding" He do this or that FOR YOU, for YOUR "dreams", for YOUR "self-fulfillment" etc.,

and really, there is no middle ground between the two.

Whose will be done?  Yours . . . or His?

When you hear these people carrying on against some figurative opponent--some one or some force that is "holding them down" . . . which they are bound and determined to "overcome" and "conquer" . . . all they are saying is "God, I refuse to submit to You!  I rebel!  YES I CAN!  DO WHAT I WILL is the whole of the law!"

Now, we expect the worldly, the lost, the unregenerate . . . to look to self as the leader, as "the way" . . . but what is most disturbing . . . and quite literally painful to bear in Spirit . . . is when Christianity and the Bible are used to the same effect.  But "believing in Jesus" and claiming the authenticity of the Bible . . . ought not be used as just another means of "self empowerment" and self (idol) worship!

This is why theology matters.  Man-centered interpretation of scripture, where MAN is in charge and determining outcomes (of ie., history, salvation) is just as devilish a doctrine as the outright Satanic religion/theology of "do what thou wilt" . . . ONLY WORSE . . . in that it uses God's Name and Word as a false flag, seeking safe harbors . . . among the true fellowship of Christ . . . then working to undermine and misdirect.

In everything, the discerning spirit must be mindful:  "Am I seeking to glorify SELF . . . or glorify God?"  There are still only 2 ways to go!

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