Thursday, April 10, 2014

Be Caught Doing This

It is clear we are already under the judgment of God.  A police state abounds and grows by the day led by the tyranny of the perverse and insane, just as in the days of Rome and other great powers who were destroyed.  The church has been deceived into being passive, non-involved and so has let darkness run virtually unopposed through the whole land and now the price will be paid.  Those who have thought to be saved by being whisked away have been deceived by false doctrine and many of those will lose what faith they had as the destruction continues unabated.  Will it be conquering armies with the sword bringing the punishment?  Will it be fire from the sky, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease?  Perhaps all will arrive at once, for the betrayal of God's blessings on this land--the amount of light and grace that was given, then abused, is frighteningly large, and so will the corresponding judgments.

What is there to do for the believer watching this all, feeling powerless and seeing the apparent inevitability of the dire trajectory?

Well, this is nothing new.  It has happened many times in many places already throughout the world in history.  Even high levels of technology have been around before accompanying the wickedness.  "As in the days of Noah. . . ."

Our response should be the same as always.  And, in fact, it shouldn't really even be a response, but what we have already been doing all along!  What is that?  "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" (Mat. 28:19) has been the charge since the Master arrived.

Notice, He did not say "go and convert" . . . but said "make disciples" . . . and there is a difference.  A large source of the problem where the Church has gone soft,  lukewarm, and flat-out heretical in many cases, is because the emphasis has been on gaining numbers, gaining "converts" . . . without then making disciples of those newly introduced to the faith.  These tend to become "false converts" who have given a quick heart-felt or mental assent, but have not truly repented and been born again to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

A disciple of the Lord is someone who dies to self and lives for Him . . . and daily walks with Him, growing in knowledge of Him, learning, becoming sanctified progressively, transforming materially into the new creature that already exists in spirit. . . .  It is no cheap thing.  It is the treasure of the universe against which all other passions, loves, covetings, dreams, possessions etc., pale vastly in comparison!

We are not to withdraw from the world; we are not to quit, run away, retire, hide.  We are to be engaged . . . boldly, unapologetically, unashamed, spreading the Good News in all stations of civil, political, spiritual society!  A soul going to heaven or hell is at stake, not this country or that!  If we love others as we are commanded, then we care the utmost for their souls and should not by selfish or shy in our reticence.  Whoever is ashamed of Him . . . He will be ashamed of them . . . on that Day!

Go and make disciples!  That is the answer to all the world's problems, chaos, violence, perversity today!  As judgment falls, be caught doing this already!
God bless you

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Mark said...

As satan's kingdom decends into chaos it is The least of will become great importance.As it crumbles souls will be lost seeking truth.

It is the dead to self(least of) empty vessles made ready for the holy spirit,....the antichrist spirit.

Remember you are in the stead of christ(Jesus).You are the return of Jesus in flesh

You are "the worlds" Antichrist!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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