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The Wild Elect and No Special "Precious"

Hey Jon, I hope it is ok I just put up here that post you mentioned (see below) in case others might also find it interesting.  Over the years I have amassed a fairly decent library of books--some rare and obscure--covering all kinds information about the history, culture, religious beliefs of Native Americans in doing research for a book I hope to finish some day. . . . In general I have long been interested in how "native" peoples apart from Christian contact sometimes have developed beliefs and religious culture that contains what appears to be what we think of as "Biblical" teachings.  I personally believe that God--with Jesus and the Holy Spirit--can and has revealed Himself to people who have never heard of the Bible and do not know the name of Jesus.  It is not literally the Anglicized name "Jesus" which saves (which is just a translated version of "Yeshuah", "Joshua") but the PERSON Jesus/Yeshuah/Joshua/Son/etc. Who saves and is the ONLY One whereby a soul can be saved.  I suspect it is rare, but it is also rare in general that people are saved (compared to the "many" who will go to destruction via the "broad way".)

And so I can imagine . . . for instance . . . the "Native American"--the Sioux or Apache or Cherokee for instance, in ages past . . . being inspired, led . . . even "elected" . . . and, in his heart surrendering to the (Holy) Spirit communicating with him, although, since the "native" does not have the historical information to know certain specifics (that the Spirit relating to and guiding him is the same as came through the line of Adam, Abraham, David . . . born as God/man at the "fullness of time", who died and resurrected etc.) . . . in TRUTH and in his heart . . . reaches the "native", although isolated from broader civilization. . . .
I might consider these the "wild elect". . . .
For instance in the Apache prayer in the video Randall spoke of his greatest enemy being himself.  THAT kind of knowledge comes from the Spirit of Truth.  The world's "prayers" glorify the self and set it above all--based in the "humanist" perspective. 

Like the thief on the cross, without good works or mastery of doctrinal knowledge to commend himself, the criminal was awarded Paradise for simple (but profoundly) recognizing and surrendering to the Lordship of God.  I think that is also possible for some ( the elect) people who have been born and lived in societies who never had the Gospel physically brought to them, but managed to receive it in their hearts and souls.  I know this is controversial and I'm not 100% convinced this is the case, but I tend to believe it is so.  And this is how I suspect that we end up with certain isolated instances where aborigines express and maintain traditions and beliefs that are suspiciously "Christian" sounding even though it would appear that they had never had contact with any missionaries.

At the same time, from looking into the matter, I also think there is lots of solid evidence that worldwide travel has always been going on to varying degrees and early Hebraic culture scattered at times around the globe and has left its traces through the early centuries.

Now, something I just thought I'd mention . . . since posting that video . . . is that you may have noticed a distinct lack of "political correctness" and fawning deference to the Apache Randall.  Due respect, yes, as befits ANY human made imago dei, in the image of God . . . but I reject that typical pretentious assertion of "preciousness" that many moderns give to so-called "native peoples."  We are all "native peoples".  Race is not a big deal to me, either way.  There is one race, the human race. 

I can't stand the destructive agendas of the Marxists/socialist/Godless communists . . . who have it as a deliberate political/cultural strategy . . . to pit "groups" against each other, exploit "minorities", create opportunistic divisions and strife . . . for their brute, ugly, EVIL mere objective . . . to gain power and control and socially engineer. 

And as to calling Randall an "Indian" versus "Native American" . . . you'll note he did not have a big objection and didn't really seem to think much of the difference.  Mostly white, liberal/left-wing hacks want to make it a big deal, again for their own self-serving agenda disguised behind "cultural sensitivity." 

For one thing, it doesn't make literary sense to me to call them "Native American".  This land wasn't even called "America" until the Europeans came.  Now, "Indian" is just as much a European-derived misnomer, but either way, BOTH names are not really correct, which is why, when He said He was Apache, I went with that, which is more apt.  But even that is not quite right, if you want to get down to brass tacks.  They called themselves "the people" or, in their language, "Dine'" (Din-eh).  Many tribes called themselves, in their own language, something to the equivalent of "the people". . . .

Anyway, I've always had the tendency to not magnify and "precious-ize" an individual's foremost physical characteristic, but rather, just treat them like a normal person.  As in, people with handicaps or Parkinson's or some deformity, or race--whatever aspect might, in modern, secular-humanist culture might lead to considering them a "victim" or "special" in a pretentious, overly "precious" kind of way.  I think most of that tendency is usually just shallow, superficial, over-sensitive manipulative tripe and disguised self glorification, utilized by social and political operatives who have other agendas besides sincerely caring about "minorities" . . . "disabilities" . . . etc.  I rather consider that every individual is precious, because each one is created by God, but not more "precious" than another because of some varying physical characteristic (that they can't claim responsibility/credit for anyway, since GOD made it/them.)  In a sense, like God, being no "respecter of persons" in the way that is meant.

I am NOT saying people with "special needs" ought not get certain accommodations and extra help in surviving this rough world.  I am just referring to the current epidemic of hyper-sensitive, coddling, difference-elevating mindset that todays' Marxist social theory creates in schools, media and general candy-a** culture . . . where everyone is sitting on pins and needles waiting, hoping, angling . . . to be offended and then go blubbering and clamoring for "reparations."

Most of all this is nothing more than what has been a long time, effective, insidious social engineering strategy by the ENEMIES OF FREEDOM . . . designed to MANUFACTURE dis-unity, discord, division, etc., so that the would-be rulers can gain totalitarian control of . . . this country (USA) and the world.

For example, the promotion of homosexuality and gay rights and targeting of the classical "Biblical" family . . . was one of the early strategic objectives of the Socialist International cabal--via the KGB and early Soviet infiltrators into media, education, religion etc.  Note how RUSSIA does not allow rampant gay rights agenda in their OWN country.  Because they know it is a destructive social force, with its primary objective the corruption and devastating of the traditional family unit.  All tyrants and tyrannical cabals . . . for ages . . . have known that the traditional family unit . . . is the greatest barrier to absolute political, economic, social control.  SO, homosexuality, along with general heterosexual promiscuity, pornography . . . is promoted, encouraged . . . as people are much easier controlled when they are enslaved to their baser passions and rebellious acts against God's laws. . . .

And speaking of the comment about which "enemies" I was referring to . . . . . I kind of had Psalm 23 in mind . . . "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over." . . . and in general just considering all the enemies of God and His people . . . which surround the Believer on all sides . . . in this present, fallen world.

Take care, God is with you,

[from 7-12-11 blog post]

Meanwhile, I just wanted to mention again the highly intriguing artifact that is the "Los Lunas Commandment Stone" located in New Mexico at the base of Mystery Mountain . . . .

And, to note that the Cherokee, it turns out, have a long oral tradition claiming to have ancient Hebrew influence in their tribal customs and even language . . . interestingly GOING BACK TO MASADA!

The Los Lunas Stone, you may recall . . . is a large 70 ton boulder . . . made of volcanic basalt . . . which has inscribed onto it . . . ancient "paleo-Hebrew" characters--an abbreviated form OF THE 10 COMMANDMENTS!

The inscription dates to approximately 1000 B.C.!  The supposition (which my own--albeit minor at this point--research so far supports)  is that Solomon had a major fleet of exploring oceanic vessels, and in league with the sea-faring Phoenicians . . . he was traversing all around the globe, including North America . . . gathering copper, iron ore and other products . . . and that some faction related to these travels . . .  ended up in old New Mexico and had a little culture there.

There is evidence, it appears, scattered all over the America's showing the influence of wandering Israelites, including, as I said, quite a lot within the customs of the Cherokee Indians . . . .

Considering that the people of America, both the native stock, and those "Caucasians"/"Saxons" who came later . . . ARE part of the lost tribes . . . ie., the Anglo-Saxons being of Manasseh, the 13th tribe . . .  I suspect there is a kind of "dna" knowledge . . . and connection to the past . . . of BOTH . . . which I was tapping into . . . as an innocent and open minded/spirited child . . . . .

It is all so fascinating and intriguing!  Me loves the history!

Some more thoughts on all this . . . as the research and study continues to unfold . . . fwiw . . . .
Yah bless, Great Spirit . . . .
brother, thomas 

On the Los Lunas Stone:

"I (am) Jehovah [the Eternal] Eloah [your God] who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim [Mizraim or the two Egypts] out of the house of bondages. You shall not have other [foreign] gods in place of (me). You shall not make for yourself molded (or carved) idols [graven images]. You shall not lift up your voice to connect the name of Jehovah in hate. Remember you (the) Sabbath to make it holy. Honor your father and your mother to make long your existence upon the land which Jehovah Eloah [the Eternal your God] gave to you. You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery (or idolatry). You shall not steal (or deceive). You shall not bear witness against your neighbor, testimony for a bribe. You shall not covet (the) wife of your neighbor and all which belongs to your neighbor."
"The Los Lunas Commandment Stone is one of several proofs that exist in America that the ancients of Israel, including both the worshippers of the false gods such as Baal and of the True Eternal God, walked on this continent long before Columbus or any of the 14th century European explorers. It is also another proof that biblical history is accurate. In the past, when a "new" world kingdom came into power they had the option of re-writing how their history and the history of those in subjection to them would be remembered. It was not uncommon to strike out the good things achieved by a former power that was now in subjection or exile. Or even to ascribe the glory of the former powers conquests to themselves. The bible, and the history of Israel that it contains, is refreshingly honest in its history of battles won and lost. It does not cover up Israel's mistakes or captivities. God's word is truth. History's word is questionable. It is obvious that the writers of world history knew of these ancient travellers but neglected to tell the story of history from a neutral standpoint. Reality to each of us is what we are taught. Truth is what is absolute, beyond the perception of men and their "reality". History has some explaining to do"
"The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory has recently shocked the world by claiming their ancient Oral legends tell of a Cherokee migration made to America from the area known as Masada.

This startling evidence is being offered to the public by Beverly Baker Northup whom is the spokesperson for their organization. The evidence offered in support of this connection to Cherokees escaping the mountain fortress of Masada is based in part of what Northup claims is stories passed down from elders and the similarity between ancient words.

Beverly Baker Northup believes there is a connection between these two peoples based on evidence of Jews of the region around Masada during Roman times wearing braided hair and the similarities that the spokesperson attributes to Hebrew language."

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One day lovers of the truth will come to know that the "inherited land"is the U.S..This is what I have been trying to tell others for years,ever sense I stumbled over the property marker.I have been trying to find an attorney that has biblical savy and a property law degree.There is quite litteraly a case.

It dose not belong to the zionist and communist.

God's will be done.

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