Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans!

 Rudolf Otto the eminent German theologian of the late 19th century describes that other-sensely "knowing" of God and his quality of holiness as being "numinous" . . . which is the "non-rational, non-sensory experience or feeling whose primary and immediate object is outside the self."

THAT is the sense or knowledge which I recall having always, even as a child.  I believe everyone has it/perceives/knows it . . . deep within, but most lose it through secular indoctrination and the noetic (mind related) effects of sin. It is that knowledge which the Bible says all are born with and thus have no excuse for rejecting God.

Another great description Otto gave is one I easily relate to:  "mysterium tremendum et fascinans"   (mystery, tremendous and fascinating) . . . which is the "complex of feelings of overwhelming majesty and human insignificance" . . . both terrifying and fascinating at the same time . . . because, I would say, it is real . . . and the intrinsic knowledge that HE is real . . . and the God of Scripture.

Here is a mystery I experience and which fascinates me in such ways. . . . That is, I can see that I have done nothing in and of myself.  God is the director, the author, the first causal agent . . . of ALL.  While at the same time . . . I feel and know and accept that I am responsible for my actions, for my sinful condition!  There is no way I would ever think that the mistakes, failures, evils . . . I have committed in my life is any other's fault but mine.  I can blame no one else; not parents, not government, not friends, not idols, not God.  I know it is my responsibility.

YET . . . I also see that God has determined my course--designed me, predestined my steps . . . from the foundation of time. . . .

A mysterious, tremendous and fascinating wonder!


p.s. Alexander is back from the last tour of fires--especially a big, dangerous fire in Idaho that got up to 5000 acres near and about the Sawtooth wilderness (one of my favorite wild areas, btw) . . . . .

He is always full of stories and energy when he gets back . . . and I caught some of it on video (he is a great storyteller!) . . . and will have that available to see . . . asap . . . just after I get the other video up in the next few days (sorry for the confusion Jon, no it is not up yet...we finally got the segments combined into one piece so I can edit a couple of the over-jiggly parts and will then get it up).....I think you will enjoy it:) God bless!

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Mark said...

In the begining there was "one" language and everyone spoke that language.

God bless

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