Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Killed All The Day Long

I've said all along that . . . when looking at geo-politics and the current state of the world and its power actors . . . that the primary policy objective, whether disguised in this or that social/political agenda . . . is really . . . just the persecution and execution of Christians and the goal of eliminating Biblical teaching from the face of the earth.

And this keeps being proved, as in recent years, when there is war or revolution, though it is rarely or barely reported, the first things and people assaulted are Christian churches, Christian families, priests, pastors, nuns, believing children . . . all their property. . . . It is first on the agenda.  Because man hates God, Who is the God of the Bible, and the Adversary seeks little more than to harass, torment, confuse and kill the disciples and followers of the Lord.

There is little more obvious than this, once you have the eyes to see it; there it is, time and time again.

"Yet for your sake we are killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered." --Psalm 44:22

But oh, what a great honor it is, to be counted as one of His sheep, and to walk even for moments the trail of His path . . . !  This life a vapor, but the riches and kingdom to come, forever!

The true Christian in the present day must never be surprised to find that they have constant trials to endure. Sinful human nature never changes. So long as they serve the world, and walk in the broad way, little perhaps will be said against them. Once let them take up the cross and follow Christ, and there is no lie too monstrous, and no story too absurd, for some to tell against them, and for others to believe. But let them take comfort in the thought that they are only drinking the cup which their blessed Master drank before them. The lies of their enemies do them no injury in heaven, whatever they may on earth. Let them bear them patiently, and not fret, or lose their temper. When Christ was reviled, “He reviled not again” (1 Peter 2:23). Let the Christian do likewise.

What does it cost to be a true Christian?
“It will cost a man the favor of the world. He must be content to be thought ill of by man if he pleases God. He must count it no strange thing to be mocked, ridiculed, slandered, persecuted, and even hated. He must not be surprised to find his opinions and practices in religion despised and held up to scorn. He must submit to be thought by many a fool, an enthusiast, and a fanatic – to have his words perverted and his actions misrepresented. In fact, he must not marvel if some call him mad.
“I dare say this also sounds hard. We naturally dislike unjust dealing and false charges, and think it very hard to be accused without cause. We should not be flesh and blood if we did not wish to have the good opinion of our neighbors. It is always unpleasant to be spoken against, and forsaken, and lied about, and to stand alone. But there is no help for it. The cup which our Master drank must be drunk by His disciples. They must be ‘despised and rejected of men’ (Isaiah 53:3). Let us set down that item last in our account. To be a Christian it will cost a man the favor of the world.”



Mark said...

"All flesh is appointed but once to live".It is in the spirit of Christ that one is eternal.


Lee in TN said...

Video of Coptic Christian history and recent persecution in Egypt -



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