Monday, August 19, 2013

Fires and Chief Joseph

Alexander our son is still out on the front lines of the fire battles. . . . We keep missing his once in a while calls to update us on the land line where the firefighters up there line up on a given day to quickly use the one phone that shows up on our ID as a toll free number, so we are not absolutely certain which fire he is at but we are pretty sure it is the big monster near Sun Valley Idaho called the Beaver Creek Fire.  It's up to over 100,000 acres now and last we heard they had around a 1000 firefighters on the scene . . . which is a lot!  In a normal extreme situation by regulation he is only suppose to be out on the line for 14 days max, then a mandatory 2 day rest and reorganize at home, then back . . . but in some cases they are called to do an extension--extra days beyond the 14.  Wednesday would be the 14th day out for him . . . so he may be able to return for a bit . . . or not . . . if they extend because of the seriousness of the giant blaze.

That is a beautiful area--the Sawtooth wilderness in Idaho. . . . I went there a few times as a boy and really loved it; so wild and rugged.  Nez Perce' country and not too far from where Chief Joseph made his famous retreat from U.S. army, although Joseph started on the east end of Oregon and clipped across northern Idaho, while Al is more in the south we suspect.  [That is an amazing story, btw, and well worth a good read on, how Joseph and his small band of warriors, women and children managed to constantly slip through the lines of the army, fighting all the way, up to the sad ending and final battle on the Montana/Canada border.  Most of the chief's top warriors were gone by then, but he still lived and eventually surrendered, when he gave his famous speech with the words, "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."]

Anyway--thanks for your prayers for Al, if you've been so led, that he and the others maintain in safety in a rough situation.....

And God bless you!
Chief Joseph

                                                                  Nez Perce' warriors

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