Sunday, August 11, 2013

Envying The Dead

You can get your heaven now.  It's easy.  If you go with the flow and accede to the downward pull of a certain gravity you will gain momentum; and the way is broad as you find you can swing from side to sides and still be maintaining your plummeting trajectory. . . .


The struggle, the fight, the daily grind of battling against your sin nature, constantly beset by temptation and guilt. . . .

Many go the easy way, for in this world, that is where the faster rewards often lie, in "getting with the program" and joining in the crowd who will laud and encourage you.

For the (temporary) ruler of this world is eager to see you fall away from your fight and that you just give in to his system of seduction and rewards.

Doors will be opened, ways will be paved, "friends" will appear with connections and lubricants to make your entry into their schemes pleasant and quick.


Those who resist, who are then attacked, maligned, marginalized, mocked and their way made hard.

Like Asaph (in Psalm 73) sometimes the elect starts to envy the unbeliever.  He or she looks at their easy wealth, their security, their powerful connections--how they are honored everywhere they go and even doubt can creep in.  "Has God forgotten me?  Have I done something wrong?  Why does it seem to go so easy for the unbeliever and so hard for me?"

Then there is a scene . . . of the Christians huddled together in the stadium, hearing the jeers of the free citizens, the wealthy and powerful looking down, as the lions are let in. . . .

Do we believe or not?  DO WE BELIEVE OR NOT!?

God forbid we should ever envy the unbelievers who get their paltry plate of "heaven" now, being winded and dined and lauded by The Father of Lies and the demonic hordes who fly to and fro seducing fools into eternal destruction!

DO WE BELIEVE OR NOT!  If not, then GO! . . . RUN! . . . to the gatherings of the wicked who hate God and hate His saints; dash to their side and take up your sticks and stones and brands to harry the faithful!  Do not linger on the fence claiming repentance and devotion to Christ while languishing in envy and lust for the temporary rewards given by the devil to his followers, secretly wishing you were amongst them!

This world is as close to hell as the believer will ever get and you say you cannot brave it with dignity and grace for one vaporous season, as it comes and goes in a flash, while glorious eternity waits to receive you, on account of what Another did to save you?!

What fool envies the damned?!

11 Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. The earth and the heavens fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. 12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened.  --Rev. 20:11-12

The earth and heavens flee from His presence . . . and there is no place for them?  We are seeing here the ultimate "coming down of the curtain."  It will be like a theater--a play--that has been so engrossing . . . that everyone involved . . . forgot and lost themselves in their roles, engaged in the drama, moment by moment . . . BUT THEN, the lights come on, the music stops and all are standing there revealed as just wearing costumes and God Himself appears, shattering all the illusions, the dreaming, the plans and schemes . . . mid-sentence . . . . . And all realize that the present earth and sky were but a stage--props, temporary, useful for a season, but they are pulled away, dissolved, gone . . . AND THE ONLY REALITY--TRUE REALITY--is all that's left standing there . . . game over, party done, the madness and chaos of the creatures' rebellion SHUT DOWN with a blinding light and a searing thunder . . . all are awakened . . . to the sudden awful moment . . . where now, what's done is done . . . and the only question remaining . . . is whether you relied on your self and your own works and doings? . . . or on Jesus, the One True Savior . . . of the world?

One group has their names written in the Book of Life; the other group is slated for the lake of fire.

Do you want to be caught then envying the damned and the dead?

So do not do it now!  What faith is there in that? 

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."  --Heb. 11:6

Rewards . . . now . . . given by Satan, pleasing the self? . . . .

Or, rewards as God wills it in HIS time, dead to self, alive in Christ, beginning now . . . and forever? . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Praise God, I really needed to hear this today. I don't envy the unsaved, but I'm guilty of envying the believers who have already passed on. I must go into a den of 'New Agers' later today, for health reasons...conventional medicine is an epic fail. I've been amongst them many times as my sister converted to Hinduism long ago...ashrams, the whole 9 yards. How they always sense I'm not one of them is beyond me, but they do. Just wanted to say thanks for this post today, and thank God I know I'm not alone.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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