Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Million OTHER Things . . .

It strikes me regularly--(because I intentionally call it up to my mind to so be struck:)--how much "drama" and contention people provoke or cause . . . which is totally unnecessary.

The reason I regularly think about it is in order to make sure I myself am not engaged in time and energy wasting enterprises which tend to be nothing more than the accouterments surrounding idol worship in one guise or another.

It is so easy to drift away, chasing this or that new "love" or fascination, infatuated yet again . . . by some thing . . . or some one . . . OTHER than the One Who should be the focus of our attention.

But here's what you will find.  Even those claiming to be believers very often don't really want God.  He is just another hobby, distraction, or means to self fulfillment.  They don't love God for God's sake, but for their own sake--what it gets them to purportedly believe in and "serve" God.

It's a difficult situation, no doubt.  For in our natural fallen state . . . we simply and completely DON'T WANT GOD.  We aren't interested. 

Left to ourselves, we would never genuinely seek Him out, let alone submit and die for Him.

Oh, many claim to want Him, seek Him; but far more often than not, such pursuits are just another disguised form of self seeking, self fulfilling, covered by a cloak of good intentions.

It is a miracle of sorts . . . when God reaches out, raises you from the dead, and instills the REAL desire and yearning to seek Him and submit. 

But you will more often see those who . . . seem to be initially touched by an encounter with the Divine, but then, go no further . . . and instead go about busying themselves in all sorts of pursuits and dramas and contentions and controversies OTHER than focusing on the real God, because truly, they don't love God; they love themselves and others more.

So . . . interpersonal relationships, family, friends, followers, sycophants, new "gurus", earth changes, aliens, "Zionists", AntiChrist, past lives, arguments, body care, politics, celebrities, survivalism, dreams, business, security--A MILLION AND ONE THINGS occupy the bulk of one's thought, energy, attention . . . with a few shallow, quick nods at God, or mentions of Jesus . . . while TRULY . . . in the heart, in the mind . . . He is mostly shunted to a corner, worn on the sleeve now and again . . . as ten thousand other objects take turns taking precedence. . . .

Of course, all such things have their place and are dealt with as needed . . . and there are seasons when a project or situation demands extra attention--but even in these, He should always be first.  How is He TRULY glorified in the way the thing is handled?  As Imago Dei--being in His image--are we acting and thinking and feeling in ways that glorify and worship Him through us?

Or is it just off to the races, and eventually, as an afterthought, "oh, yeah . . . too late . . . but what would Jesus have done?"

So much drama . . . so much intensity, passion, focus . . . is spent on . . . general nonsense and things that are basically meaningless and temporarily self-serving . . . which things will be just consumed in fire . . . WHEREAS we could be spending our time and care and attention . . . properly . . . on those things He has commanded us to do.

Now, of course we fail, even when rightly directing our sentiments toward the Lord . . . instead of at creatures, things and our self . . . BUT . . . for those who truly love God . . . ALL things work to the good, including our missteps, falterings and trip-ups!

It really is profoundly simple . . . and powerful.  What . . . who . . . do you love?  Above all?

The answer to that basic question--which is alight in the first and greatest of all commandments--will show itself . . . in the bulk of your thoughts and energy and attention and focus . . . day to day.

Is it in a hundred and one things OTHER than God and His Holy Word which He has so graciously provided? . . . and in something OTHER than working out His will with fear and trembling . . . day to day, seeking to glorify Him in all that you do and devote your time to?

Or, is the answer shown by those many other things, dramas, people, self projects, interests and infatuations that every day, beginning at waking, is filled up with?

We can pray for . . . mercy.  We can pray for Him to give us passion and love for Him--more and more.  We can pray that all things we are engaged in that are not glorifying to Him be diminished and put in their proper places--no thing and no one reigning ABOVE Him on our self-made altars.  We can pray that our hidden idols crumble and are destroyed--all the self deceit, the compromising, the secret lying and hiding. . . .

This is what He wants.  He wants . . . and is getting . . . a people for Himself, who He will perfect.

And we can pray for that perfecting process to be accelerated, strengthened, honed, and we can study and practice and focus in HIS direction, which is eternal; not on the passing fancies of Godless beasts and demoniacs who currently bedazzle the world. . . .

We can . . . and should . . . and will want to . . . pray for increasing and perfecting love of God ABOVE all else, leaving the childish things to the children and the babes, as we pray for the desire to advance in maturity in the Spirit. . . .

These things I pray, earnestly, today!

God bless :) 

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