Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well . . . as I've been checking out a lot Christian apologetics on youtube for the past half year I'm thinking I want to enter the fray there. . . . Yesterday was a holiday here in "Zion" which I spent mostly with our cat at the animal hospital (11 year old Radha, our sweet little pet had a serious problem and we're hoping she pulls through) . . . and trying to figure out how to get my youtube channel going... I put a few of my existing videos up there and plan on adding a lot more... apologetics stuff and some music videos I made back in the day which few have seen including a couple of live performances . . . and some other unusual things.....

So, I guess check it out ... and I hope to get better at it as I figure it all out--the technicalities and such..... God bless you and forever! :)

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Linda L. said...

I'm excited about your youtube channel. Later in the studio was so funny! Praying your kitty Radha pulls through. Our pets are such blessings from God.

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