Sunday, July 7, 2013

Unveiling Grace

Wow... creepy...and annoying....., I was just finishing up a post about Lynn Wilder ex-BYU professor scholar and her sons of the Christian band Adam's Road (former Mormon missionaries turned born again Christian) and the whole thing just zapped and disappeared!  Now I gotta head of for church... But real quick, I wanted to help promote her new book about their family's experience waking up to the serious lies of Mormonism and their newfound Biblical faith .....

She is a very well spoken, intelligent and charismatic woman who does very well describing the spiritual and psychological issues involved in being caught up in that false religious cult . . . and then being Saved! ....

As the reality of the false nature of Mormonism set in, Lynn became paralyzed with fear. "I felt sick," she says. She didn't believe that all the differences between what the Bible said and Mormonism taught could be explained away by the unsubstantiated but firmly held Mormon rationalization of an incorrect Bible translation. Lynn's spiritual world was falling apart and she didn't know what to do.

It wasn't long before Lynn understood that her new faith would be very costly. By March, she knew she would have to leave BYU. Her first inkling came when she realized her love and support for her students gave them a false impression. The students thought their positive experiences with Lynn in prayer and faith-centered conversation were an outgrowth of Mormonism, not of Lynn's relationship with Christ. She knew God was not pleased with this, and neither was she.

Michael and Lynn lost their home in Utah with its beautiful and inspiring mountain view. They lost their friends, at work and at church, as they followed Christ's leading to Florida.  They lost their financial stability, as Lynn left a secure tenured teaching position for a one-year visiting position. And they lost the respect they had earned and enjoyed in their work and social environments. Lynn was no longer a worthy Mormon employed by the "one true church"; she and Mike were apostates, whispered about in hallways, feared and pitied at the same time.

At first Lynn was devastated by the hostility and malice directed toward them by some members of the LDS Church. Rumors and accusations spread like wildfire across the Internet. But Lynn came to realize and accept the truth she found in the Bible: Rejection is part of a Christ-centered life.

Looking back to December 2006, when Lynn exchanged her Mormon temple garments for a Christian cross, it is, in a way, an illustration of her entire faith journey. For Mormons, the garments represent hope, safety, and a future. To cast them aside is to abandon all eternal blessings and the hope of eternal life. Lynn shed this false hope and replaced it with a cross, a symbol of God's merciful and sufficient provision for total and complete reconciliation with Him. The cross represents God's amazing love and His sure promise of an eternity with Him. Lynn gave up spiritual death for Christ's gift of abundant Life. The Truth--God's Truth--has set Lynn Wilder free.


Linda L. said...

Wow! A BYU professor! Amazing. What a testimony. I believe I heard her son Micah was the one who assisted with her questioning and coming to Christ while he was on his "mission" and found Christ instead. I watched the What Love Is This episode with Lynn. I'd love to read her book for the details. I like the music of Adams Road, too, the little I have listened to. Lacking a home internet connection is the problem. And it's FREE! The shunning at her place of employment must have been horrendous to bear, the middle of the semester. And loss of employment, housing, false rumors, students etc. All her material wealth, but sounds like most of her family has come to Jesus, except her husband? Truly, what is most gainful, to gain worldly possessions and status, or to gain an eternity with God where those material things cannot be carried in.

Anonymous said...

Lynn was an Associate Professor.
Micha did not do any missionary work while an LDS missionary, and that is why he was sent home which got his parents mad. Micah hung out all day, with other missionaries, at a non LDS house breaking every mission rule. This info comes from a person who served with Micah. It is interesting that ex LDS who leave or are excommunicated never tell the whole true story of what really happened. Good examples of this: Ed Decker, Shawn McCraney, D.Michael Quinn.

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