Monday, July 1, 2013

The Fires of Hell

First we heard the reports of the greatest loss of firefighters since 911 . . . 19 dead . . . in the new raging fire in Arizona . . . and waited to hear which elite crew it was.  Our son Al is out there somewhere--we know not where at this point-but learned that it was a "Hot Shot" crew local from Arizona . . . and were of course relieved for our own case, but saddened for such a loss regarding others..  The best of the best--those guys who put themselves on the front lines to protect and serve their fellow men and women. . . . This life, literally a "vapor" sometimes.  The preciousness and gravity of it all is never far from my thoughts and prayers as I never want to become callous to the suffering that goes on in this fallen world, thanks to evil "humanism" which started it all. . . . I know God is good and one blessed day, all tears shall be done and rejoicing will carry forth that the rebellion is put down at last, forever.


Lee in TN said...

Brother Thomas,
When I saw that headline this morning that 19 elite firefighters had been killed in Arizona, I prayed. Thank God that Alexander is safe! But I immediately felt sorrow for whoever those brave men were...and their families. God has His plans for all this. These wildfires (caused by whatever reasons, and the 'powers' not allowing cloud-seeding and the rain to come) are certainly stretching resources. Maybe some of those Russian troops to be assisting FEMA soon can

Blessings to you and prayers always.


Linda L. said...

When I first heard about this on the radio this morning, my first thought was for your son, Alexander, since I know he is part of a Hotshots group. I'm glad he is safe, but living in Phoenix not far from this tragedy has struck home. other news I've heard says that all the firefighters lost had deployed their shelters. very brave, heroic people. Here's another view. and we are in an extreme heat warning here since last Friday. 119 high reached this past Saturday. thanks for remembering these firefighters today.

Linda L. said...

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