Friday, July 19, 2013

Sacred Slave State

There is that longing . . . to be loved . . . totally . . . all of you. . . . That longing for a father who protects, sustains, supports all that is in your best interests.......As a child you do not always (if ever) know what is best for you......Left to your own understanding you would choose all the wrongs things; so we need someone who is all knowing, strong, patient . . . who knows all the way down the line where we are to end up so that what we were created for is completed, successful, fulfilled. . . .

As a child, however, you sometimes think your father is too harsh, uncaring, "does not understand" . . . . . and it seems as though he doesn't answer your prayers often enough.  Rarely even, if you are honest.  You ask for this . . . and that . . . . . . hope for such . . . and such . . . . . and many times it is as if there is dead silence on the other end.  "Are you listening?  Do you really care?" 

Grumbling, you are not so foolish as to turn against him, but you skulk along thinking maybe it is because you haven't behaved well enough to deserve . . . this and that, such and such . . . . . . . .

But God IS caring... infinitely so!  Loving all the way!  He knows EXACTLY what you need and when you need it.  And He answers EVERY prayer.  Yes, He does!  The trick for you is to learn how to see His answers.  He is not silent; you are deaf.  Rather than keep casting about for maybe lessor things you want answered in hopes that maybe those will be allowed .... BETTER is to be still . . . and watchful . . . reverent . . . . . listening carefully . . . . . to learn how to discern His answers in what you perceive as silence or inaction.  For He answers every time.  If He is restraining something from you . . . THAT is an answer . . . and should be welcomed graciously, no grudges.  Rather than learn mind tricks and occultic techniques to "actualize" . . . "materialize" . . . wants and needs . . . as the pagans do . . . far better is it . . . to learn how to see and feel and know . . . INTIMATELY . . . His constant presence in, around, through, about you . . . . . . . . We need to learn humble, patient, grateful, heartfelt, appreciativeness . . . for all that He is doing . . . every moment . . . intimately, personally, specifically . . . to and with us . . . every moment . . . of every (seemingly) tedious day.

THAT is where the  answer is . . . . and it is ALWAYS there.  It is just a matter of calming down, submitting . . . to our divine "slave" state..... Learning that we are truly servants, "slaves" . . . is the beginning of cosmic, divine, infinite, fantastic TRUE freedom!

We do have that caretaker, protector, father we so long for ...... !  Of course, you know this.... I am just reminding myself and anyone else listening .... to be mindful, heartful, now.... in the moment... aware of His constant presence and concern.... for it is there... HE is there, here, now ..... giving us exactly, perfectly, lovingly . . . just what is best for us .. now and forever.... YAY! :)

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Mark said...

Moses said to Pharo " let my people go!".All one has today is look at the one's that ware the apron's embossed with the pyramid and the eye of Rah.

Pyramyds are tombs are for the dead.The one's that ware the apron's worship the dead pharo's and are actually dead in their own right.

Whats sad is that the "my people" in sist on keeping the slave masters (pharo's people) in power to the point of their own deaths this is strong delusion.

Meanwhile God (dad or papa or father) left behind some guidelines for his children to live buy.

The problem is Moses threw these guidelines to the ground breaking the first two, in fact breaking them all.At that point Israel chose Moses law over Gods guidelines and the delusion began.

Today the U.S.& Israel (the state of) are both ruled(enslaved) by Pharo's people(the ones with the aprons) or Mormons & Masons.Remember before Albert pike was a mason he was a good little mormon boy.

WHY Do the "my people" insist on going back to the vomit or Pharo?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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