Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Knowing What's HIS!

Everything is His.  EVERYTHING.  A subtle mistake that many make--and it's done in secret, so that YOU are probably not even conscious of it--is holding back on a few things that you think yourself in charge of . . . or that you own.  The ego, the "I", surveys around itself at those things in proximity, especially the people, places and things that it is attached to . . . emotionally . . . and identifies with them.  The boundaries of the "I" extend out from the simple body to include family, friends, property, ideas even . . . and the "I" thinks, "these are all mine."

When those people, things or ideas are threatened or when they move away from "I" there is anxiety, and a fight to try and hold them.  "That is MY property, MY person, MY doing!" the ego says.

Or, the "I" wants to take credit for things.  "'I' am the one who thought of that.  That was MY idea!"

Or, you/"I" build up some kind of notable legacy.  Prestige follows.  Plaudits, awards . . . you/"I" has "built a reputation".  When it is marginalized, impugned, tarnished by others, you/"I" is offended and either lashes out or plans some devious retribution. . . .

And all of that is smoke.  Tinkling bells and ashes, soon blown to nothing amidst the winds of time and space.  Grass which withers by days' end and left only to be gathered and burned. . . .

One of the most powerful and sacredly devastating truths to finally realize and fully imbibe . . . is to know that YOU/"I" have nothing . . . to call your own.  You can take credit for none of it.  Everything and everyone . . . belongs to God.  Not your children, not your friends, not your business, not your learning, not your possessions, not your talents . . . can YOU take credit for, not a shred!

And not only that, but even your ideas, intentions, ability or faith . . . is not yours to claim.  NONE are able to boast, even in the slightest.  It ALL comes from God.  Everything is a gift--a grace--from God.

The vast majority of the pain and suffering and angst or depression you may feel . . . derives from imagining in your self . . . that you own certain people, places, things and ideas.  Although many a believer confesses that everything belongs to God, still, in the hidden places of the heart, are strongholds, where the believer is holding on and yet fighting a turf battle.  The ego clings to this or that, and when this or that is harmed, threatened or taken, the ego is hurt and self defensive--anger, bitterness and feelings of vengeance trail in the wake and brings dark clouds of gloom, depression, anxiety. . . .

Oh what a glorious day it is . . . when you finally let go--when you at last surrender ALL to God.  This is HIS world, HIS plans, HIS people, HIS creatures, HIS work, HIS decrees, HIS beginnings and ends!  Including any and all of those things in you which have any merit.  You can take credit for none of it.

Oh, but how the fallen, darkened self cringes and chaffs at such a notion.  Them there is "fightin' words!" 

But, truly how ridiculous is it that we ever thought we had something to do with any of this?  We are born with certain traits, genetics, predilections, talents, abilities, looks, charm . . . or lack thereof . . . and ALL OF IT is organized and bestowed by the Creator, from the beginning.  We, are at most, witnesses.

His work is done in us . . . and we get to witness and attest to His glory--His amazing grace; and that's it.

And that is more than enough!  Are you kidding?  We get to live . . . as sentient creatures, made in the image of God, designed to be a pure reflection of His character, as revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ--Yashuah Ha-Mashiach and experience as witness the glory of His Self-existent, eternal Being?!!!

AND we get to turn over all of our perceived problems, issues, dreams, schemes, trouble and woe to a perfect, victorious, absolutely sovereign King, Master, Friend, Father and Savior?!!!

Compared to the weight of the world and the burden of self-centered delusions of autonomy . . . HIS YOKE IS LIGHT!  It is a joy!  It is the great gift we are given, to know ourselves as witnesses and praisers of His eternal glory--made for just that purpose!

Everything and everyone is His, to do with as He righteously decrees.  Realizing and surrendering to this fact . . . is one of the greatest weapons against darkness . . . the disciple finds . . . one day . . . slung into his belt.  But, note, it is not a matter of making it the case . . . that all belongs to God--BUT in realizing and finally acknowledging, then proclaiming . . . that it does.

It's not that . . . one day, you stand in some bold moment and "give everything to God". . . .

What happens . . . is that one day . . . you finally See . . . that He has it all already, and what a fool you've been to think otherwise. . . .

God bless you and praise God!:)

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Mark said...


Upon HIS rock are seven runes of wich the first is X .The X is the gift rune or this rock is a gift or a white stone of aquital.

Say........who put that rock there?.........Lol

"Shew me your glory!"...........not mine

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