Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"WOW", says the living

Re you question JC . . . about why I would be more inclined to think that nothing should exist as opposed to something. . . . And thanks for query:)

Hmmm. . . . Well, all I can really say about that is . . . for about as long as I can remember, back to my childhood days . . . I have always been astounded at the sheer fact of existence--of there being an existence and "IS-ness" at all!  I have always been struck with awe and wonder . . . at the brute fact that there is anything at all--especially consciousness and identity (personal, individual, self-conscious identity.) 

Then on top of that . . . I find it wonderfully astounding that there is a God . . . Who is a personal, identifiable (relatively) being . . . Who always was, is and will be . . . at the foundation, the base, of everything else that exists or is created.

But, looking at it with my mortal, finite mind . . . and loosely considering the matter . . . when I've meditated/pondered on it . . . it just seems more "likely" that there would be nothing at all--no transcendent, all-knowing, omniscient, omnipotent Being, let alone matter, time, space, creatures etc.

However, there also seems to be a part of me--probably the spiritual part which rests in a type of knowledge and comprehension . . . that says, "Yes, of course there is a God . . . Who "precedes" and is the source and cause of all that exists.  OF course He "is that He is".  God is!  He is "I AM THAT I AM."

I believe that a big part of what Heaven is like . . . and what the angels are involved in, is experiencing the vast, profound, unending joy and wonder and awe and appreciation (worship) simply . . . of the divine fact . . . that GOD IS!  People who secretly imagine that Heaven might be a boring place to be if the primary experience there is "praising and worshiping God forever" . . . are people who have not NOW grasped the mind-blowing, wondrous profundity . . . of the brute, glorious fact . . . in the first place . . . that GOD IS . . . and that He is a Person, a Spirit . . . good, holy, creative, the pre-eminent Self Will, Who is love. . . .

It is the difference between being alive and dead.  The dead are not much impressed that God Is.  They shrug, they don't really care.  But the living . . . fall on their face, on their knees in wide, teary-eyed wonder and praise and worship!  It is astonishing!  HE is astonishing!  . . . . That He Is, always was and always will be . . . AND that we, as discreet, created spiritual beings, get to bask in His eternal, omnipotent, omniscient omnipresent . . . close, relational-ship Presence!  "WOW", says the Living!  The dead are like . . . "meh . . . ", shrug . . . "whatever....."

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JC said...

I asked because I thought that was quite a powerful statement.

I guess I've always wondered at what is, not at the fact that there is. Mathematics, science, and history have always confirmed to me that there is a guiding hand behind them all, despite the claptrap that those who control those establishments like to pass on. Every new insight in those fields always gave me a greater appreciation at the mind of the Lord. However, I can't remember ever stopping on a regular basis to wonder and appreciate that He IS!

Thanks for sharing those God-given wonderings and giving me something new to wonder about!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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