Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Fire In New Mexico

Our oldest son, Alexander is back on the wild-fire fighting crew this summer season--now one of the leaders of the bunch.

A prayer request, I'm asking, is for his protection and success . . . as he got the call Sunday, just after we had made our church/Bible study rounds, to bolt down to New Mexico to help with the "Tres Lagunas fire" . . . which is only 5% contained.

It is just east of Santa Fe . . . and I'm wondering if Zeph and Trish are getting any of the smoke....?

It is dangerous work but exciting and our son loves being able to help people in such situations--protecting them and their property as far as possible in those extreme, treacherous conditions....

God bless, and thank you again for your prayers, support and encouragement....

PECOS — More than 900 firefighters were racing against increasing winds and dropping humidity levels Monday as they sought to contain two wildfires raging in the northern New Mexico mountains.
In the Santa Fe National Forest, the Tres Lagunas blaze had burned more than 12½ square miles by midday Monday, and firefighters were working to protect a group of homes in the Holy Ghost Canyon and prevent the fire from spreading east, where ash and runoff could endanger the city of Las Vegas' watershed.
Some 140 homes, mostly cabins and summer residences, have been evacuated since late last week, and officials said the fire was too unpredictable to say when the evacuees would be allowed to go home.
To the west, the Thompson Ridge Fire near Jemez Springs remained at nearly 3 square miles. And 40 to 50 homes remained evacuated as the crews battling that blaze faced similar weather condition.



Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Looks like Zeph posted the other day about the NM fires -

we're dealing with smoke everywhere....
not only chemming but the patterns of the chem after... I guess trying everything they can to make sure we get no relief...
storm passed us by... ok, I can't worry about it... just gotta give it to the Lord

JC said...


I remember when you first posted about your son's firefighting training regimen. What a body-battering, mind-hardening experience that was...and it was only training. Definitely praying for your son's safety and that of his fellow "fire soldiers" who are putting their lives at risk to save the lives and livelihoods of others.

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