Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Eternal Presence

The Eternal Presence

Every morning . . . when you awake . . . He is there.  Your mind, the chattering monkey is already off and running, like a machine oiled and fueled by input from the material senses. . . .

But stop.  Connect.  Run first to the Eternal Presence.  He is there, He is here, now.  This moment. Now.

He is all there Is, Was and Will Be.  Astounding!

He is the primary meaning and purpose to every thing and every one.

And YOU get to know Him.  Personally.  Person to person.  The source and foundation of all that matters . . . is a Being.  That's it.  He is the beginning of all force, of all power, all motivation, all moving, all resting. . . .

Then to think . . . that this Being--the One God, Creator of all that is--made worlds and a special world, to fill it with people and creatures and living things like plants and insects and bacteria, to share His creative Being with. . . . And designed a creature "in His image" to have dominion over it.

Then, in a brilliant display of the reality of the situation, among the creature's first act is the action to claim autonomy.  God says "don't do this . . . " and the creature, presuming to know better, does just that.  Exhibiting the instant insanity, chaos, ultimate death . . . that must result from turning away from the Creator of all.

The Eternal Presence . . . what mystery . . . three Persons as One Being. . . .

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. . . .

Then the Son lovingly deigns to come down into the material creation . . . to save the day; to save all those the Father gives to Him.  Stunning, alarming, profound, shocking, wonderful . . . !

He enters your life, your soul, your mind and heart, transforming the darkened beast into a being of light, eternal going forward.

What an honor!  What a gracious act!  What mercy He shows and we get to witness and experience these divine attributes, His eternal Character!

The rest . . . is just dust in the wind, blowing clay and withering weeds, meant to be burned.

Rush this day--the day that was saved--to meet and praise and worship The Lord!  The King of the Universe, the Eternal Shepard, the Prince of Peace, the Warrior of Righteousness, your intimate Friend and Counselor. . . .

Praising God, Abba, Father . . . now and forever!

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Amen Bro x x tabbycat.

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