Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Damned & The Dead--Walk On By

Huh. . . . whataya know. . . . Still no contrite, apologetic word from the eye-rolling scoffers . . . who smirked and once called us "conspiracy theorists" . . . "fanatics" . . . "paranoid" . . . even though it is finally now "mainstream" discussion how thoroughly and secretly we have been immersed into a Marxist-tinged, total surveillance, Bill-of-Rights suppressing police state. 

Oh well, God love 'em, what much can you expect from small-minded, brainwashed, self-serving, dead-in-their-sins atheists and idolaters?  Not much.  It is a sad truth that unbelief breeds rank stupidity, blindness and overall irrationality . . . quaffed in vain, dumb hubris.  And there, but for the grace of God, we too would be.  Praise God.

One of the great blessings of being rescued by The Truth . . . is that your intelligence is restored.  You are able to see things more clearly all the time, as The Walk goes on.  Your mind gains in ability to reason, analyze, properly discriminate and use logic whereas before it is hopelessly lost in a mush of circular relativism, selfish expedience, deluded fantasy, yet all the while assuming a smug arrogance and unfounded condescension.

Oh, I hear a protest immediately from the gallery, "Hey, YOU are the one who sounds arrogant and condescending!"

Well, first off, yes, no doubt there is truth in that.  I am a sinner and my carnal (albeit dead-in-Christ) self still makes noises, as do corpses, freshly deceased sometimes rattle and moan and twitch though the soul has departed.  But where I boast, I boast in Christ, granting nothing worthy in myself, but only what He has granted me--nothing I warranted or deserved . . . and I look down on that corruption which the devil wrought and am thrilled to hate what God hates--the lies, rebellion, violence and blasphemies spoken and acted against His sovereign glory!

Now, here is the good news . . . among the disturbing (and we saw it coming, didn't we?) news of the day, which the worldly powers at last are releasing--and note that they want us to know that we are being recorded, monitored, tracked etc.  For, to those who love God . . . and "have been called to His purpose" . . . ALL things work together for the good!  We cannot be outflanked by ANYTHING the world and the wicked do against us, no matter how insidious and pervasively they try.

Listen, several years ago, when I was a guest on Zeph's early broadcasts, I urged and warned that as we progressed into the totalitarian regime's grip, it was vital to "live blamelessly".  Remember that?  It was for just such a time as now that I was specifically using that terminology.

Where a follower of Jesus has the advantage at this stage . . . is in the fact that we already are conscious and sensitive to being monitored, recorded, tracked.  The unbeliever and/or false convert or idolater . . . thinks they commit their sins in secret.  They imagine that their vile, hateful and perverted thoughts are unknown and hidden while they put on their false face to the world.  IF they are even aware of their devious, deceitful hearts, they persist in their sinful ways fancying that no one will really ever know. . . .

But WE know that God sees the heart and all the hidden things and that all of it will be shown and known one day, at Judgment.  We do NOT live in the vain hope that our pretenses and "good works" will save us in the end.  We know that God is omniscient and omnipresent and no one escapes His tracking. 

The world, "ruled" for now, by the Lying Imitator, is attempting to install, through coercion and terror, a similar omniscience, but we have nothing to fear from him.  An awareness of being surveilled is nothing new to us.  And, as Believers, walking in faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we already confess our faults and have laid them at the Cross, and are growing in holiness anyhow, such that we ought be having less and less things to ashamed of anyhow, as we progress in our sanctification. 

Live blamelessly.  As living disciples of  Lord Jesus, we ought not be involved with behavior that grieves the Holy Spirit anyhow; such that--although it is a horrendous trampling of our civil and moral rights, what the oppressive powers are doing to us--we live in the open, righteously, un-apologetically, rejecting secret dalliances and otherwise shady dealings, letting our "yeas be yeas and our nays, nays!"

Listen. . . . The living disciple, follower of Lord Jesus . . . has nothing to fear from the dead and the damned, and our daily lives reflect His grace and glory in us, as we shun the works of darkness, walking in the Light, unafraid, proclaiming His victory!  We simply cannot be outflanked by the dead and the damned, no matter how much money, time and power they spend trying it.  Truth wins in the end.  Lies, tyranny, corruption, rebellion against God are put down.  What we have here are but the foul odors and strange sounds emitting from the bejeweled corpses of the doomed.  Walk on by.

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Let the dead bury the dead.

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