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Participation In His Will

Feb. 10, 2007---"Well, I’m not sure the immediate significance…..but I always take special note of a triple ‘confirmation’ . . . . . ."

Oct. 7, 2007---"I mentioned certain “protocols” (on last show with Zeph) that I believe the Lord has established for me to note, helping to discern when there is something He wants me to emphasize."

April 30, 2008---"Another thing that has not happened in a while too much, has been what I’ve my “protocols” or confirming signs, upon which I find extra help to determine the veracity of “inspired” intuition, knowledge . . . whatever you want to call it. To me it’s just “seeing”."

I've related for years here something I have observed when "packets" of "supernatural" information seem to be arriving--ie., a "prompting", "warning", "vision" regarding future trends and/or events of note.

So, if I have a dream or something like a waking "vision"--a strong impression, inspiration--then I look for 2 or 3 quick follow-up "confirms" related to the first "message."  When I had that intense dream/message the other night I thought, "well, if there is anything to it, I would expect that something will happen in the news, ie., an announcement or the stock market will tank. . . . There will be a couple of obvious indicators specifically related to the subject/content of the dream which should follow within a day or two. . . . "

Again, I emphasize I don't want to put too much stock in this--just sharing, fwiw--but yeah, so I blogged about that strange, poignant message that came within a dream on Wednesday morning.... I wondered primarily if the stock market would do anything weird . . .  and, well, it did.  Wednesday was a surprisingly and suddenly terrible day market-wise, and then yesterday was one of the biggest drops in a long time. 

I only mention it because what I "saw" was so stark, so radical . . . that it really looked like a game changer.  The "message" was . . . basically, "you will have to find other ways to survive than what you've been able to do so far."  As it looked like there was just a complete shut down practically of all commerce, trade, work . . . . .

I'm a little more vague on the time frame, but I'm fairly certain I was "told" one to one and half years away.

I don't worry, however.  Fear, concern, worry, anxiety about the future have largely, if not totally, gone from my mind.  I chalk it up to the work of the Holy Spirit effecting "sanctification."  Jesus is so radical in this way--way more than most realize and put into their own practice.  He really meant it when He told us not to fret about tomorrow.  It reveals a lack of faith, of trust to worry. 

I find such great comfort and assurance in knowing that He is sovereign--in total control, with perfectly arrived at intention--over ALL things.  Not just some things.  Not just certain "important" things while He lets other things wander willy nilly while He wrings His hands hoping WE make the "right" decisions.  No.  He has got it all.  And either He does or He doesn't.

His Word says He does.  And He says He won't lose A SINGLE SHEEP that is His.  Which means that goats are goats, sheep are sheep.  There is not an evolutionary thing going on where goats evolve into sheep. 

One of the things that most irked listeners in His day, and still does, is the EXCLUSIVE claims of His Word.  Ie., that HE is the ONLY way to the Father.  And that, He came for His sheep while even shutting the ears and eyes of goats--which message, goats don't like one little bit. . . .

So why even mention the dream or ever make plans or provision for the future?  Because He also effects the means of His decrees through our actions, through us, here in space and time.  When He says He will provide, it does not mean we sit on the curb and wait for food and shelter to "magically" appear.  We are meant to work for it, participate.  It is a great joy and honor that He includes us in His daily will. . . . There is no such thing as will FREE from prior conditions.  We are limited to either being a slave to sin, or slave to God.  Within either of those parameters, it appears we go and make choices.  But we are either dead . . . DEAD in sin . . . or ALIVE in Christ.  We are not some neutral character, autonomous, looking at two paths to choose, free of either until we "make a decision."  How could that be?  For the Word says we are dead in sin,  not seeking God, until we are made ALIVE with a new heart of flesh.  
God bless you today!


ROGER said...

Hello Bro. T.

It's interesting that you mentioned "dreams" and something about the stock market.. I had a dream a few days ago and saw train after train wrecking and going off of their tracks.. I don't know if this means anything or not.. I just thought I might share this with you and your readers...

Peace and many blessings....

Mark said...

I hear Yah!Some times we can all be a little "willfull".The thing is if one is being willfull it is most likely that that one is working against the Lords will though well intended.

Hat the Lord is looking for in his sheep is a little flex, a little more fluidity in our will's.

It' important not to be so locked into one's will.

It's like me, After being on the mend from a stroke over the past couple of years I am feeling pretty good.My thought is get back to work.All my life I have physically labored and my thought process is I will be going back to this

Guess what?.......Nope.

Turns out I'm going a different direction.This is hard on me because all have ever known is hard work and struggle.Where I'm going I have no idea and all I can do is listen for Papa and be fluid and ready to move in the lords will.

All I know is it won't be the same old, same old.

Thus"two men were working in the field, one was taken, one was left".Two women were grinding in the mill,......"

Gods will be done.

Linda L. said...

I do remember you saying something like this about work a while back, probably around the time you mentioned. Definitely at a crossroads in my life. Trying to find work, but no one is calling back. I do want to follow Jesus' way, not my own.

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