Friday, June 28, 2013

Only Two Religions

The more I study (as directed, to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord" -2 Pet.3:18) it becomes clearer and clearer . . . that there are really only two religions--two worldviews . . . just two different pre-suppositions upon which we base our existence:  Humanism vs. Christianity.  That's it.

All we see of conflict in the world is the battle, the war between those two positions.  Even within so-called "Christianity" there is a contest between the two standpoints.  Which is the foundational basis for every following interpretation and conclusion?  Do we look at things from Man's point of view . . . or from God's?  Who has the original say?  Who determines the working out?  Who has the final say?  Man or God?

Worked out in the social, political, economical, moral realm . . . you see Humanism always attacking and trying to destroy family, property, religion.  MAN decides what is right and wrong and hates the decrees of the Supreme, Sovereign Lord.

Those submitted to Christ . . . push aside and let go Man-centered authority and only want to know what GOD ordains.

"But I can't believe in a God who sends people to Hell!  If that's your God then I reject Him."

Yes, we know, Humanist.  You do not believe in the true God.  You reject Him.  You concoct a god in your own image, an idol, and that is what you worship.

It is not a far step from the atheist who complains, "what kind of a God creates a world where there is so much suffering?  What kind of sadistic God condemns those who don't worship Him to an eternal torment of flames?  Why doesn't God step in and get rid of all the evil in the world?"

The Humanist disguised as a "Christian" also complains, "God is love--surely there is not really an eternal Hell!  When God says He hates sin and even doers of iniquity and causes hearts to harden, eyes to be shut and a fig tree to wither . . . it doesn't really mean that. . . . My God loves everybody and wishes all to be saved. . . ."

But in either case, you refuse to accept the "whole counsel of God."  You look in the mirror and imagine what YOU would do if you were God.  You create an idol--a false image, based on your finite, fallen and unholy self . . . and THAT becomes your God."

Meanwhile, His Word states "The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”  Prov. 16:4 . . . according to which the Potter has "power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonor?"  Rom. 9:22

"But that's not fair!  That's not 'loving'!  I wouldn't do it that way!" the Humanist cries.

To which the Apostle answers, "who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, "Why did you make me like this," will it?"  Rom. 9:20

And there is the rub.  The Humanist answers back to God, "How dare you!"  Or, as in the Garden, with the Original Sin, the serpent, whispers, "Did God really mean He makes some vessels for destruction?"

His Word says He does.  And not only that, it is Good that He does, purely Just and works to show His glory.

His thoughts and ways are not Man's thoughts and ways, He says.  But who has the arrogance and hubris to question God's methods and design?  And then to create a false god, worship it and hate the God revealed in scripture?  The Man-centered rebel, child of the devil, whose father is a murderer and liar from the beginning! 

And between the two factions, the battle rages on.  All for the glory of God.  All to reveal His whole character, forever and forever!  Praise God!

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Mark said...

Ever since the tower of babble was built its been the chief "ISM".In fact the tower is represenitive of
"humanism" and the tower was built to put "man" on high or to assume themselves as God.

Some consider satan/Lucifer as creator.Well, satan did create this kingdom of hate and lies,corruption and death.

I'm just in it waiting for the one that is to come!

God said " no false idols",.....So the tower will have to come down

Brother Thomas ©2015

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