Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Am A Slave, Free At Last

Considering further . . . the issue of ubiquitous surveillance . . . . . . .

Look at how the people (understandably) are riled over the news that "the authorities" are monitoring virtually every aspect of their lives.  And how suddenly many are deeply concerned and fearful of what "the authorities", "the powers that be" . . . that their private lives may come under extreme scrutiny and any "infractions" or law breaking might be used to punish them and perhaps deprive them of their "freedom."

Yet, notice how so few fear THE Authority, THE Power That Be . . . and how HE will punish law breaking and consign to an eternal prison! 

Do we fear the power of the government or God more?  Despite what many say, they do NOT fear God and His surveillance . . . and so, lack wisdom.  God Himself says they are fools. 

Ah, but I can hear the self-proclaimed "free thinker" now . . . raising her voice, offended, shrieking, "But I don't want to be 'surveilled'!  Not by the government, not by 'god'!  Why can't people just be left alone?  What about my 'right to privacy'?"  She complains and decries a "god who has to look into everybody's lives" calling it "creepy" and "intrusive."

And, regarding the government, it IS "creepy" and "intrusive".  Assuming there IS a "right to privacy", what right do they have to spy on and record the private activities of any citizen not engaged in criminal activity?  None.  Although, we should note that from a liberal, secular, humanist, progressive point of view, the government ("man") IS the ultimate authority and makes "law" up as it goes along, depending on relative circumstances and whims.

But here is the problem with having a complaint or irritation with GOD being One who monitors and records (all) "private" activity, including thoughts and feelings.  We are not our own.

God is the author, creator and owner of our lives.  He has full right to do whatever He wishes with us.

This is a fact that even many so-called "believers" do not really comprehend or accept.  And, paradoxically, it is one of the most liberating truths to realize--that we are "owned" top to bottom, by God Almighty!  It is the illusion of autonomy and unhinged independence that causes so much suffering, resentment, complaint, chaffing. . . .

But it is the truth of our ultimate and foundational subjection, which "sets us free", as we then submit our "will" to that of the Lord's.  For He IS free and autonomous!  And once we abandon our darkened delusion of self-centered sovereignty . . . and realize we actually live, move and breath ONLY at His behest . . . it is then that we begin to taste, move and breathe something like REAL freedom and independence, because it is "no longer I who live but Christ lives in me" . . . where our will is conformed to His unbridled, autonomous Sovereignty! 

We are either a slave to sin, or to God, where the "right to privacy" is a mere delusion.

And it is but the slave to Lord Jesus . . . who is truly free. 

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