Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grasping Imago Dei

More than anything, it seems, what we so dangerously lack . . . is an appreciation of the magnitude, glory, wonder . . . of just Who and What God is.  And tied to that is an over appreciation of our selves in relation to Him.

. . . . There He IS . . . THE Being Who always was, is and will be.  A personal Being, with the eternal attributes of justness . . . righteousness . . . love . . . grace . . . mercy . . . creativity . . . will. . . .

He is complete forever, in and of Himself, needing nothing, whole, perfect. . . .

From a purely existential consideration . . . it blows my mind . . . that ANYTHING should exist at all in the first place.  It seems more likely that there would just be NOTHING.  But then, there He IS.  No, there is not only NOTHING.  There is SOMETHING; and more than that, that "something" is a SOMEONE!  The basic, foundational, extant fact of all that there is, was . . . and will be . . . happens to be a Person, a Being--conscious, self-willed, creative, with certain personal attributes, characteristics!

I find this fact, this truth . . . absolutely astounding!

Now, going a step further, there is this:

The Creator speaks the universe into physical existence. . . . Light flashing contrasting with darkness . . . water being formed, galaxies spinning . . . gases and particles exploding in color and sound . . . organized, intricately designed . . . super stars, planets, moons, time and space. . . .

And He makes life--millions and billions of creatures to populate a special world in that creation. . . . Plants . . . insects . . . fish and foul . . . and then a shocking variety of beasts of all shapes, types and sizes who roam that world, marvelously constructed, beautiful and awesome. . . .

And then . . . the crowning jewel of His breathtaking creation . . . He makes Man!

Can you believe this?!  Is this not utterly astonishing?!  The Creator-God--Who is the only and eternal self-existent Being . . . Subject . . . Object . . . Source . . . of all that is, was and will be . . . deigns to create a being . . . in His own "image" and "likeness" . . . separate . . . to rule and have dominion over that special world.

But here is the rub.  Here is what we so pathetically (and dangerously) fail to comprehend and remember.  We are born, go about our business, self absorbed, self seeking, bumbling about, half-conscious (if that) . . . without realizing what a profound gift and opportunity we are given; first off, to even exist at all. . . . THEN, to exist as individuals, with choice, volition, the capability to experience life, self, diversity, creativity. . . . CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD HIMSELF!

Look at how small, ungrateful, pinched, narrow-minded, stone-hearted we live and think and feel . . . in the face of this staggering gift . . . of life and being we are offered . . . by the Supreme Eternal Being--TO BE . . . and TO BE in His image--IMAGO DEI--to share in His sensational Kingdom, given a mind, a heart, a body, an eternal soul!

THIS is why sin--our sin against Him--is so horrendous!  Can you imagine?  The holy, divine King and Creator of the universe (time, space, identity) makes us IN HIS IMAGE . . . to share, to live and love and create and persist and to rule within His sovereignty a certain dominion in space and time--a kingdom, in a sense, of our own . . . and we immediately turn our backs on Him, drag our bodies, hearts, minds and souls . . . through the sewer . . . putting on wickedness, rebellion, perversity, hatred (for Him and His creation) . . . and then sadly, horrifically prancing about pounding our chests, mocking or ignoring Him, taking credit for this and that, prideful, boastful . . . trashing His good creation . . . seeking to upend, alter His magnanimous, wonderful design and plans--FOR US!  Using what He made and gave us . . . to fight against Him. . . .

Here is what we so fail to grasp--and why a single lie . . . or even one theft . . . or adulterous thought and action . . . or even one flash of hatred, idolatry, covetousness . . . is so terrible.  He deigned to create us in His own image . . . and we take that--His holy, perfect, profound image--and do EVIL with it!  We spit in His face.  We scoff and deride and pervert HIS IMAGE . . . IN US! 

Oh, my friends, brothers and sisters . . . I pray we quickly appreciate the depth, breadth and range of our affronts against the Supreme Holy Creator of all that is, was and will be!  And fall on our faces daily before Him, contrite, humble, gracious . . . holding on the knowledge of His mercy and grace in and for us, nevertheless, despite our desperate folly!  It is no small thing what we have done . . . and do! 

I pray, Lord, that we understand, to a meaningful degree . . . just how serious is our predicament--the many things we gloss over, which are each and alone . . . enough to warrant eternal punishment, considering against Whom we have sinned! 

Let this appreciation consume us, daily, nightly . . . just how merciful You are, that You yet came down into our corrupted world, which WE tarnished through disobedience, to offer us a way out of our madness . . . to rescue us . . . so that we still have the hope-the confidence even--of returning to Your fold, to be with You, in love and perfection and righteousness, forever and ever!

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JC said...

Bro T,

I'm wondering why you think it should be more likely that nothing would exist at all? I'd like to hear your reasoning. Does it come from the logic that nonexistence is easier/simpler than existence, and what is easier and simpler is normally the best explanation of reality, ergo it is more likely that nonexistence would be the norm?

Humbly wondering,


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