Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eternal Sinning

"Can a Christian fall away? Yes. Can someone who is truly regenerate, elect of God, an eternal Christian, fall away? No, clearly not."

This is an interesting statement I found in a writing by Pastor Doug Wilson--a fellow I like and who debated Christopher Hitchens as shown in the movie "Collision" (good flick, btw.)

Following on the heels of my last entry, and having heard some recent opinions on the matter of "once saved always saved" . . . and thinking on it some more as of late, I hope to delve in a bit tomorrow "God willing and the creek don't rise."

Meanwhile, here is something to consider:  Often you will here from the God-haters and unbelievers that it just doesn't seem "fair" or "loving" or really make any sense at all . . . that people are punished with an eternity of Hell . . . for having lived and sinned for just one, short life.  An infinite punishment for a finite amount of crime?  "No way," they say.

Well, look at this. . . . For one thing, ponder how many sins we actually commit, even in this one life.  It is a lot.  Against the standard of God's commandments I don't think it unruly to suggest that we commit 5 or 10, 20 or a 100 infractions per day taking into account deed AND thought.

But lets just say it was 10 a day.  In 70 years worth of a life that would amount to 255,500 crimes against God--no small thing.  Especially if we see, for instance, how one crime against . . . lets say, the president of the United States--a threat or attempted assassination--will land a person in prison for life or execution.  How much more serious is the crime against God, the Creator?

Still, a person might think, "Yeah, but punishment for ETERNITY?  Even if a person committed a million crimes against the Almighty?  Does that warrant a sentence for eternity?"

But here is what is not being considered.  When a person is sent to Hell for their sins, and without God's restraining hand of grace, that person will continue in sin.  They will sin and sin and sin . . . for eternity, warranting their punishment "daily" . . . AND GRACE WILL NO LONGER SAVE THEM.  That is a key feature of Hell.  God's grace will not be there to rescue the sinning God-hater. 

That is why THIS LIFE is sooooo important.  We are in an age of grace and mercy where the Lord and His sacrificial act stand ready to be believed, accepted.  But God says He will not abide forever the lawlessness of His subjects.  There is a cutoff point--a end, a Day of Judgment where the whole thing wraps up and sentences given. 

And once in Hell, where God's grace is not available to the willfully wicked, those there will continue to sin and sin and sin . . . on into eternity, receiving their just penalty for so doing..........


Mark said...

That's why I tell others...Man's law's.....ha,I can barely manage the ten sometimes.

God bless.

Linda L. said...

That first question and response on whether a Christian can fall away sounds "Armenian" to me that says a Christian CAN fall away.

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