Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10,000 Adulteries a Day

Argh it was bugging me all day thinking about some of my semi-ramble hoping I wasn't misunderstood.... And it may be a minor issue, but still I don't want to be mistaken.  Hey, I admire websites with bells and whistles!  I have designed several in my head--fantastic ones, that I've never been able to get to since about 1999! .... One day I still hope to have one.  For now, all I was saying was that in the meantime I am grateful for just managing a now old-fashioned style blog, no twitter, no facebook, no ads, as it, in its own way, by its sheer lack of pizazz, lol, perhaps carries some quaint cache' . . . what with time racing on and technology and gadgets and "apps" and the rest making obsolete, or at least passé within minutes of a thing being put out there.... that's all . . . ..

On another random note... I was listening to some good street preaching today while I worked (I've been on a street preaching/street-debates kick for the last few weeks) . . . and the preacher was suggesting a person might easily commit 30,000 sins in a life [ I had figured the number more in the hundreds of thousands, which I still think is very low, but anyway] . . . it occurred to me that people--mostly men . . . who are hooked on pornography . . . are committing dozens if not hundreds of acts of the sin of adultery every day they view the trash.

Then I thought of how wicked our culture is nowadays where porn and porn stars etc., has become so common place ... referenced in songs on the radio, in hamburger commercials, on mainstream magazine covers (subliminally) . . . on t.v. in "sitcoms" and dramas... video games, video game t.v. programs.... EVERYWHERE . . . it has become practically ho-hum and "the culture" would have you believe that it is expected and "normal" for boys, men, women even . . . to partake of it as regular viewing fare.

Then I think of that statistic again.  Seriously . . . if someone views various porn images for 10 minutes . . . to an hour or more every day (which most addicts do, at LEAST) . . . then it must be acknowledged that every one of those separate viewings (lusts) is A COUNT OF ADULTERY!

How many might that be in an average dude's life?  10,000?  50,000?  a million?

Yikes.  What is wrong with people!  Jesus Christ was humiliated, beaten, mocked, crucified! for you!
And you [I'm talking to the hypothetical, typical "modern culture" imbiber] joke about how you love strippers, whores and porn stars, committing adultery with them every time you lust after them in your heart?  Made in the image of GOD you are!  And so are they!  And this is what you do (literally or in your mind, which is the SAME to God) with them?!!

Myself, I resent it.  I resent that satanic ploy shoved in my face everywhere I turn, on nearly every show, program . . . in so many songs, magazines, internet ads, promos unwanted--.  I resent it when I see women dressed like hookers--out in public causing shame, to themselves and in the men they want to provoke.  I don't admire them.  I turn away.  I confront my own sin nature on the spot and disallow it to wander, resentful, righteously indignant at the whole situation.  Oh, yes, I have compassion for all involved.  I get it, our awful condition. . . . So I pray for them and I immediately put my mind's eye on the things of God--turning away (literally and spiritually) as commanded; for we are to repent and TURN AWAY from our old sin nature--NOT give in to it and let it in through little side doors when we think no one is looking.  God, angels and demons are always looking, besides the Holy Spirit Who I do not want to grieve within my heart and mind--soul.

Anyway, it just occurred to me today, considering the quantity aspect of it, just again how serious sin is and this particular sin (lust/adultery) is . . . where it has become so ubiquitous that the soccer moms and children have become numbed and blasé about it. . . .

And if anyone reading this right now . . . has any kind of problem in this area... drop to your face, repent and knock it off--its grievous and disgusting and unworthy of one who intends to walk in holiness. . . .

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Mark said...

In her day it truly would have been a miracle that Mary was a virgin.

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