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"Voices in the head" (Jchron)

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. --Heb.12:1
Jesus says there is great rejoicing in Heaven whenever a single person gets saved and come into the living faith.  I imagine there is nothing in this world that is so valuable, so profound, so fantastic, so important! . . . as when one of the living dead . . . are awakened by the Holy Spirit . . . shed their chains, and begin to SEE . . . with new Eyes . . . and new Heart! . . . .
All these crazy news stories and scandals going on . . . yes I keep a loose on them . . . and I am quite aware of what's going down; indeed I predicted quite accurately the gist of things years ago . . . how it would look, especially in this country (America) when others scoffed, rolled eyes, and told me I was maybe too "fanatic" or "paranoid" . . . .

So, yeah . . . I am very well aware of what's up . . . or down, rather, in the world right now....but I know that ya'll have access to the many websites and talk shows that are going over such things, and so I don't bother much restating the obvious .. but rather, try here to invite you to maintain down a different path--one that is in the world but not of it... and not just to say that... but LIVE it . . . for real! . . . by daily, as much as possible ... staying in the Word, in His Spirit . . . focusing on HIS story, HIS news--the news of the Spirit, which transcends time and space . . . and touches borders with the eternal . . . here, now! . . . . . .

And to that end, among other things, I have been including my ongoing dialogue with my friend "J" who is (praise God!) beginning to question many of the thoughts and reasonings that he took for granted . . . and starting to look at the real possibility that Jesus IS the only true way, light and life! . . . . For in our day to day attentions, again, I say there obviously can be little or nothing more important than witnessing to others about the matchless gift He has offered--that of salvation and eternal life, perfected in Him, our sins utterly washed away--a new creature, friend of God! . . . adopted into His Family . . . . The Heavens rejoice!  "A cloud of witnesses" . . . attend the returning of any and every SINGLE SHEEP . . . that is brought back into the Fold! . . . .
Also, "J" is asking some fantastic, top shelf questions--very probing, earnest and intelligent, and of the kind that I know most of us have also pondered and may still do . . . . 

So, I am continuing to share this . . . and alert you that one of the issues he has brought up is quite touching and personal . . . and he gave the ok to share it  . . which is brave and shows his seriousness here . . . (and which I will bring here shortly) and the lovely, burgeoning humility beginning to dawn in his growing awakening (I dare say) to the Truth . . . . Oh . . . it is an amazing thing that any of us ever are able to SEE . . . but that is God's glory--taking lost, blind, proud sinners . . . and restoring them to holiness!
Anyway, here's another of his thoughts . . . I will get to asap....
God bless!
"I won’t presume to speak for anyone else, but at any given moment when I’m conscious, there’s an internal dialogue underway in my head. Occasionally, irrelevant comments appear and I simply attribute these to the subconscious mind doing something on a lark because the comments are so far afield of the central topic in the internal discussion that they don’t make sense. Now, my neurosis aside, I’ve always heard that people hear God speaking to them. I mean, sane, normal people, not lunatics like Jim Jones.
The question is how does one distinguish between their own internal dialogue and God? Is it possible that some aspect of the unconscious mind is being misunderstood? I’d think it’d be obvious that an external voice had entered the conversation, but how does one KNOW (and here we venture into the prickly field between knowledge and belief) such has transpired?
As an aside, I was basically raised Mormon and the catch phrase there was that you’d know by “a burning in the bosom”. I have to honestly report that the ONLY burnings I’ve felt in my bosom have been those induced by pepperoni pizza when I’ve forgotten to take a Zantac in conjunction with said food. I’ve never felt the sensation otherwise. Needless to say, I began wondering at an early age what was wrong with me, but I certainly didn’t share my lack of religiously-induced heartburn with any of my Mormon friends."

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Mark said...

"It's easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven".

"It takes the mind of enter the kingdom of heaven".

"The first will be last and the last will become first".

Did you see the miracle of the mercy and glory of God in the tornado?On that day many understood perfectly who was speaking

"LORD"..."I beseech the"..."shew me YOUR GLORY?"

Moses was brought to a place of humility...A high place made low.


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