Saturday, May 11, 2013

UFO's of late

There is a lot strange stuff going on up in the skies.  An upsurge in ufo reports worldwide and then oddities like the mysterious government airship reported in Quincy Mass.

We live on top of a mountain and have our own share sightings quite regularly, but over the past month it has been more than ever.  At night, Isaac and I often step outside on the front porch to look around--Isaac loves to watch for meteors when there's a shower.

There was one week a couple weeks ago where I saw something on four different nights.  My wife saw one with me, Isaac another.  I have never seen anything like it.  It was the same type of thing in each case.

Here is a description. . . . I was looking up at the night sky, the stars . . . and noticed one star that was bigger and brighter than the others.  Suddenly, as I watched, it flared up and I thought it must be a plane as it looked closer and bigger than the stars around it.  It appeared to be moving very slightly.

Anyway, it grew big and bright and then . . . *poof* . . . it vanished.  I waited and observed thinking that it must be a plane and had maybe just turned, but it never reappeared and there was no trace of it in the sky.  It was odd enough that mentioned it to others when I went back inside the house.

A couple of nights later--same thing, only Isaac was with me.  A star-looking twinkle suddenly flared up huge and bright . . . then extinguished and disappeared.  We had binocs and looked for it but there was nothing in the sky where it had been.

Another night my wife and I were out on the front porch, around 10pm when I pointed out a slowly moving bright white-ish yellow orb slowly bobbing and moving through a wispy dark cloud.  Helicopter?  No, there was no sound.  Small plane?  No, it was moving to slow and again, no noise.  I ran to get the binoculars, came back, but my wife chuckled "too late."

"Where is it?" I asked.

She said that she had been watching it . . . as it began to dim and then . . . just vanish.  I looked in the sky where it was to see if it somehow was an aircraft that had simply turned it's lighted side away, but nope . . . nothing.  It was gone, disappeared in the thin night air.  Which was odd, because it seemed quite close and large, just at the bottom of the small cloud.

Then I saw another one--same thing.  My eyes were drawn to an area of dark sky, spotted an odd seeming light, or star . . . which suddenly grew bright, big . . . then just as swiftly faded and disappeared altogether.

Night before last, I had gotten out of the shower--it was around midnight, and was heading toward our bed when, for some reason, I stopped to look out our bedroom window toward the city valley and the sky above it to the north.  I settled on a patch of stars--a little faint cluster and kept looking too see if there was something odd about them.  I felt that there was and went down to get the binocs.  Looking again, in the same direction but to the left of the cluster, I saw a pin-prick of what looked to be a deep, dark orangish-red star flickering wildly.  Then it leapt.  It disappeared and reappeared an inch (in relative terms) to the left.  It sputtered, sparked, then vanished and reappeared now up higher, to the right.  A little stunned I kept looking as it seemed to teleport with great rapidity all around the night sky in that area I had been drawn to look at.  Very bizarre, dimension-shifting quality, this sparkly dark orange light, flitting about. . . . 

Anyway, that's it for now. . . . Just thought I'd mention it.  Definitely it seems like something is going on, and meant to be obvious, blatant.   I don't doubt the way things are going--the surreal quality of the days' events, news stories and irrational perverse behavior of "officials" and gov. "authorities" that . . . they may actually, finally be ramping for the big "alien" contact motif--the return of our so-called "creators" . . . or whatever devious misdirection story they have prepared. . . .

take care and vigilance in Him,

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Mark said...

All they need is to have Israel believe in their false Gods then the elect will have been decieved.

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