Saturday, May 4, 2013

Regeneration Now!

Let Him be not some far off idea, drawing at your conscience but vague, shrouded, distant . . . where layers of the day's worries intervene, demanding immediate attention. . . .

Too often we go around giving our attention and care towards other creatures, self-centered concerns, so-called "wants" and "needs". . . .

He is an afterthought . . . where maybe at one brief, half-hearted point or another in the day He is recalled and superficial and tepid assent is granted Him--maybe a quick prayer of sorts, but then back to political gossip, regular gossip, shocking news stories, conspiracies and other news of the day. . . .

Following this we then vainly hope to make it through the breach of death and finally, at last, pay attention as He stands there in His devastating glory, and would offer Him our plate of supposed "good works", claiming "I believed in You--I am on Your side, so take me to Heaven" . . . except that the moment we are there, in His presence, the horror of our actual superficiality and hypocrisy is all we have to show and the lie explodes in our withering faces . . . as He then says, "I never knew you."

Oh, let Him be alive in and to you today!  For He IS alive and present:  feel and sense His presence, right there, calling your devotion to awake. . . .

Do not listen to the slithering voices which say, "it is too much, too fanatical and extreme, all this thinking and talking and studying and worshiping of God--back off a bit, be more 'normal'. . . ."

Instead, pray unceasingly!  Be in communion with Him constantly!  Let no thing and no one intervene to divert you away from the One most astounding reality--Who is a Person--in all existence, past, present, future!  THAT is what this life is for and what is should be all about!  NOT all these distractions and seductions. 

The world and the evil one would take you away from the Path and work at it every day, every hour, never sleeping, and so, you too, as a soldier in Christ, must remain alert, on guard and mostly just staying mindful of His matchless presence and purpose in your meager, fast-flying mortal vapor of a life.  The deceiver would take you away every moment down a hundred pointless rabbit trails, keeping you busy with tricked-out dross, to have you ignore and shunt and shrug off the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, which is Person--the One without whom you could not take another breath or move one more step. . . .

Turn to Him constantly, facing the Gospel, especially now as the enemy is in full frontal attack and swarming the ramparts of every bastion of society, both church and state.

Now is no time to be slacking, coasting. . . .

Now is the time to rededicate, return, regenerate within the Holy Spirit's supernatural grace and power---that power which transforms and changes the dead into the living!
God bless you in this, my spiritual comrades!
Your brother in the Lord, Thomas

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