Friday, May 17, 2013

Pleasing God Above All

God bless you each and thank you for your kind spirit-filled sentiments!  I am scrambling a bit to catch up but am eager to share some of the insights that have come along through this past little period of the warfare . . . things that might be helpful, I pray, as you also find yourself  in the midst of the intensifying battle going on right now, up close and in relation to the culture at large. 

We take up our crosses and follow Him.  As we grow in our sanctification--which means being 'set apart'--there will be generally just two basic reactions.   Think of our Master. . . . There were those who understood and accepted Who He was . . . and these same were willing to die for Him--and not just quick, simple deaths, but deaths fueled by the rebel's black, seething hatred.  The others . . . wanted to kill Him . . . and did.  Two responses to the same Man. . . .

Likewise, our relation to the world is bound to result in similar ways, to varying degrees.  Those with the Eyes to See and Ears to Hear--our eternal family--are with us and for us, and we are together.  We rejoice as one; we grieve as one. . . .

Through all, our mind and purpose must be single toward pleasing God above all, not worrying or lamenting the pleasing of 'men'.  His presence must be more real, more personal, more present, more overshadowing than any one or any thing . . . in this fallen world!  Praise God!

Back with more, asap:)

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