Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Firing Up In The Perseverence

(Meanwhile, a quick note to the persevering saint. . . .)

Sometimes in the Walk, as sanctification marches along in you . . . you will be in that place where you have lost that zeal of the flesh--the pride of life--that once motivated and excited you and even gave you certain abilities and strength to "get over" . . . on life, on people, situations.  Maybe it was your dream, your hobby, your muse . . . but some love, some infatuation with creature or experience that propelled you along in life, over obstacles, to where you even could sacrifice for it and grow in proficiency.

For instance, the athlete who is compelled to compete, get honors, medals. . . . Or, the drive for fame . . . or the cleverness it takes to be financially secure and powerful . . . getting titles, prestige among men . . . or art, architecture, science. . . .

Then you got saved, died to self . . . and the luster is gone.  The bloom is off the rose.  The things you use to love and that use to motivate . . . no longer provide that same energetic impetus. 

It is typical, at this point, for many, to wallow and wander a bit . . . in a new indifference, even apathy. . . . The joy in the things of the world is diminished and antipathy has replaced it.

You know this is a good thing, as you are told to "die to self" and the "things of the world" . . . but it seems that nothing as compelling has replaced it.  Oh, no, you would never trade your new position for that old, corrupt, fallen one, who was actually driven by the powers of darkness--the "seething powers of Lucifer even--God forbid!  But it can feel somewhat a "no man's land" when the old things are gone and the new has yet to really blossom. . . .

Well . . . here is where "free will", or "free choice" is actually unleashed.  Before, you were a slave to sin; but the truth has set you free. 

What God desires at this point is for your effort, your time and energy put toward Him and His direction.  Do not remain idle, waiting for something miraculous to happen, stewing in lukewarm mediocrity.  Instead, here is where you are now to use your new found freedom in Christ, to seek Him all the more!  Where once you esteemed the world and creatures MORE than God, now you exert to esteem the Lord above all.  During this dry spell, pray, pray, pray and search out the Spirit; get in to the Word, study, and look for good works, ie., witnessing or helping the poor or encouraging ministries, preachers, teachers. . . .  Engage! 

What you once loved, you no longer do.  Now you love what you once did not; exercise that love (of God and fellow man and brothers and sisters in Christ) . . . making effort to go God's way, away from the old things.  Do not root around in the past, lamenting the days of yore. . . . Turn to God, asking for His Spirit, His correction, His wisdom and love . . . to increase in you, to guide and motivate you anew!  And not just once, but throughout the day, like one infatuated, focused, obsessed!  Do we esteem (glorify) Him truly more than all else?  We say we do, but do our thoughts and heart reveal it?  If not, then dive into this, asking for more, refusing to remain lukewarm, distracted, wandering.

There is nothing more wondrous, profound, incredible, fantastic . . . than that we get to be disciples of the Master of the Universe--the Creator of All--the Great I AM THAT I AM!  This fact should so overwhelm our petty, daily, physical, emotional, intellectual concerns, that they are like dirt or horse dung in comparison!

In the days of muffled, muted perseverance . . . it is the perfect time to rear up, reject complacency, demand (of self) MORE energetic, fiery, compulsive devotion . . . to the Lord and His cause!

Amen? Amen!
God blesses you in this! Now ignite!


Anonymous said...

good word bro x x tabbycat x x

Conrad said...

Thank you Bro T.

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