Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Oh how great it is to be a child of God!  To be a disciple of the Lord Yeshua, Jesus!  Sickness, grave illness, the loss of loved ones, betrayal, tyranny and war . . . can come singly or together . . . but they are nothing but phantoms--vapors amidst the big vapor that is this temporary mortal life.  A walk through the valley of tears, but for a night . . . . Nothing and no one can touch the spirit of the disciple which stands in holiness in Christ in the heavenlies! . . . . There can be no worry, no anxiety, no fear where it counts. . . . No, TRULY . . . THERE CAN BE NO WORRY, ANXIETY OR FEAR where your spirit rests in the victory of the Messiah!  Let these be not platitudes or vague notions. 

Oh yes, your "old man" . . . your "old woman"--the old you who is dead still staggers around, twitching and jerking like the passing corpse that it is--.  And powerless demons try to fret and bluff you as if you still had concerns. . . . But no weapon, no power, no man, no woman formed in the earth or even in "the airs" can touch you!  IT IS FINISHED!  The dead will party on and bury their own, but the LIVING are already gone!  Just a short time to wait, patiently, gratefully, joyfully . . . then crowns will be honored for those who fought the good fight and finished the race. 

You who have made King Jesus your Lord, Friend and Savior HAVE fought the good fight and finished the race.  The rest is "mopping up stages." 

Recall constantly His winning victory and remember that it is a sin to now worry and question and doubt as if  He didn't!  REST!  Revel in His perfect grace and undaunted power to save!  HE SAYS HE WILL NOT LOSE A SINGLE ONE and HE WON'T!  The Father gave you as a bride to the Son and all who the Father gave He will draw in to Him!  Is this not fantastic?!

Do not be deceived by the Liar that you should fret or worry about your present body.  A new one will be given to you, perfect, glorious, eternal!

Praise God in this day of lies and dishonor!  Through Him WE ARE VICTORIOUS!

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