Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Chronicles of J

"Suppose you are the Supreme Being.  You are perfect, whole and content unto yourself in every conceivable manner, yet you suddenly feel the overwhelming compulsion to speak the universe into existence. . . . To what end?  What would be the motivation for doing so?  What want or need (things a perfect and whole entity presumable wouldn't have) does it serve?  Quite simply, why?  [Although I concede that we mere mortals aren't likely able to comprehend the purposes of such a Being, but there must be something we can relate to on some level as to why He would feel the need or desire to do anything....]"

I recently checked in with a friend of mine who I haven't talked to in a while . . . . And he made a side comment in his response which showed some frustration and that general sense of ennui (boredom/hopelessness at life's seeming lack of ultimate meaning) that I dare say all wise, sensitive and intelligent people eventually come to as life goes on and the ridiculousness of this world mounts . . . if there is no God or "higher" purpose beyond the mortal vapor . . . .

From my own experience this state of unease is when the search for God starts getting real--earnest and increasingly urgent.

So I told him my standard take on the matter which is . . . that unless there IS a God and some sort of life after death with continuity of self and consciousness . . . then indeed, this life is little more than bizarre cosmic joke, and a dark one at that!

I gave J my testimony that I had been at that same point of frustration . . . and determined early on that it would be my primary goal in life to find an answer--THE answer--and that, after various and sometimes sordid investigations, trails, trials and wanderings . . . I found that there WAS an answer and it has borne out by the resultant ongoing transformation of my heart, mind, understanding and overall being.  I would never settle for a false answer or be able to placate my yearning with some superficial, concocted narrative . . . . I was determined to find THE TRUTH and the truth of it MUST be in the pudding!  No self-deception or vain imaginations would do!

There has been a bit of back and forth since then, which I am loving, as there is nothing I think more satisfying and . . . well, FUN!--than dialoguing with someone who is sincerely seeking where there is the chance they may seek their way straight into the arms of Jesus!

 I have since asked him what are some of the basic, deep questions he has about the whole thing and the above was his first, heh . . . . He's a very bright fellow--gifted too--and I am both pleased and a bit daunted that he started out with probably the greatest, most cosmic mystery of all:  "WHY?"

I have little doubt that all of his queries will be relevant, probing/challenging and fundamental so I thought I would sprinkle here some of it in hopes of sharing the sharpening I expect I must experience myself as the back and forth progresses . . . .

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