Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sure Justice

 As the mayhem proceeds, rather than fear, our faith is strengthened.  For one thing, meanwhile, archeological evidence continues with stunning results . . . to show how awesomely accurate Biblical accounts of history actually are.  For instance, we see that God did really destroy Sodom, revealing to us that His justice is sure and He will not be mocked forever.  We can rest assured that the wicked who hate Him and seek the destruction of His people are going to meet their just end.  It is only a matter of time and the unfolding of His perfect, good plan.  We ought never doubt that He is sovereign over every single event and trend that is occurring and that He will bring good out of it for those who love, and thus, serve Him.  Let the heathen rage.  See that it is only when God grants the dawning of repentance in a person's soul are they then able to properly understand, reason and conclude . . . . Repentance precedes holy wisdom.  It is a fallacy to think that people must first be convinced of the truth of God BEFORE they then will repent and be saved.  No, in fact, He graces the gifts of faith and repentance FIRST . . . and THEN the seeker is able to witness to His reality and purposes.  Always, it is from the Lord . . . any good thing we get or do or even perceive.  Never from our own machinations and devising.  NEVER!  So, ALL praise and glory and gratitude goes to Him!Thank you, Lord! . . . for saving wretches such as us, even while we were yet wretches.May God bless and strengthen and clarify your testimony today!bro, t  ***********+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++************
  “Two of our osteologists, Dr. John Leslie, PhD, MD, and Dr. John Moore, PhD, DDS, looked over the bones. The area they concentrated on was the bottom half of the body, including the pelvis region, legs, and feet—the upper portions on two of them were missing. The initial results were amazing and quite exciting archaeologically—but sad in how the people died. They found the bodies splayed out, face down, joints twisted, toes hyper-extended, with many signs of violent burial within collapsing debris. In short, the bodies were extremely traumatized in their death. “Shortly after, we discovered a child body one meter north. The child’s skeleton showed the same destruction, demonstrating traumatic demise.” How so? I was quite curious. “The legs were flexed in the wrong way, the knee joints were ripped apart, one arm was broken with left palm up, and the other arm was smashed under the pelvis. In all, it showed the signs of a sudden, ghastly death.” Any other skeletal remains? I prodded. “Yes. We’re still investigating these. But generally speaking, skeletal remains were found throughout the area, following the same patterns. One skeleton seems to be crouching, as if in fear, protecting itself from the destruction.” So what can one conclude from all this? I asked. “It may be too early to say, but initial evidence points towards a large-scale destruction from a catastrophic event. I say this because, in that area, the skeletal remains were traumatized by an east-to-west directional event, demonstrating that the catastrophe came from a particular compass point.”

"Startling discoveries in the cemetery at Bab edh-Dhra revealed the cause. Archaeologists found that buildings used to bury the dead were burned by a fire that started on the roof.
What would cause every structure in the cemetery to be destroyed in this way?

The answer to the mystery is found in the Bible. “Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens” (Genesis 19:24). The only conceivable explanation for this unique discovery in the annals of archaeology is that burning debris fell on the buildings from the air. But how could such a thing happen?

There is ample evidence of subterranean deposits of a petroleum-based substance called bitumen, similar to asphalt, in the region south of the Dead Sea. Such material normally contains a high percentage of sulfur. It has been postulated by geologist Frederick Clapp that pressure from an earthquake could have caused the bitumen deposits to be forced out of the earth through a fault line. As it gushed out of the earth it could have been ignited by a spark or surface fire. It would then fall to earth as a burning, fiery mass."

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Mark said...

The thing about the one language is that God confused the language.While on the subject of ancient civilizations destroyed have a look at the Vinca and the vinca script.

Material from archeological dig sites have been carbon dated 15-20 thousand years pre sumarian.The runic languages used from this region are thouht by Hebrew Scholars as to be proto hebrew.

The first mention of the Hebrew in biblical history is the time of Egypt.

The vinca culture was destroyed in a moment by a volcano in northern europe.

The way I see this is northern Europe region is babylon or the tower of in the bible.After all where were all the "ism's" were born.Northern Europe!

If you want to see the biblical "confused language" look at the Vinca script.

Now it's easy to understand why "runes" are considered "divination tools".

They built the tower to make themselves GOD!

Commun ISM, Social ISM, nazi ISM, Catholis ISM, Zion ISM, Juda ISM....need I go on.Oh....Mormon ISM!

Here comes "da Judge".

Brother Thomas ©2015

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