Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Current Events Commentary

All of this big events nowadays seem to have a surreal, staged quality to them.  My guess is that "they" run everything (their plans/big events) through a super computer so that each event is simultaneously accomplishing a number of major agenda items at once.  It is not just one goal to come out of each, but a whole host of objectives in various directions, such that only a computer model can effect and keep track of it all.  A main goal that popped into my head the other day as I was loosely considering the Boston situation . . . was that they want to be able to issue drone strikes--deadly drone strikes--against Americans . . . inside America; without a trial, due process etc.  Just have it so that "dear leader" and the cabal can target (their) potential enemies and take them out.  We must here recall that "Evangelical Christians" have been listed at the top of  potential terroristic threats in recent Pentagon sponsored military memos (atop and above ie., Al-Queda, the KKK, Muslim Brotherhood.)

Meanwhile, I mentioned the other day in unrelated comments that whenever if ever, we see Internet censorship and "transformation" . . . I expect to find a Mormon pulling the lever, such as "the despicable Harry Reid." 

Then yesterday, I heard that during all the recent media cacophony: "Majority leader Harry Reid is pushing through this complicated “Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013″ Internet sales tax bill, giving little time for senators to thoroughly read it. They had the bill in hand less than a week, but the motion to proceed passed with an overwhelming majority last night, 74-20, for it to go to a floor vote, perhaps as early as today. A hefty number of Republicans in the Senate voted for it, as they did last month before it was ultimately shot down by the House."

Is there more to this bill besides taxes?  I've heard there is . . . and I suspect this is just the beginning of much greater Internet/information control . . . and whattaya know--the despicable Harry Reid (who happens to Mormon) is helming the assault . . . .

These are just some quick thoughts I've had, although I have not been getting too immersed in all the news of the past couple of weeks.  Yes, I keep a loose eye on things, but truly I can't emphasize enough how important it is these days to stay focused on the Cross, on the Lord and The Word regardless of what is going on in politics and culture.   Issues like same-sex sex, abortion, pornography, rampant drunkenness/drug use, pedophilia, mayhem and terror . . . are NOT new and modern developments.  We are not "progressing" to some new, liberal out-of-control society.

Child sacrifice (abortion), the glorification of same-sex lust, pedophilia were rampant in the "olden days."  It was early Judaism and later, Christianity that came along and challenged them.  Marriage between one man, one woman, fidelity, respect for women, for children etc. were brought into the picture by the teachings of the Bible and by Jesus.  THAT was the new, modern progression . . . away from animalistic, violent, misogynist, perverse, TYPICAL heathenistic/pagan behavior!

We are NOT on the verge of some new, hard-won, "progressive" "open-mindedness" . . . .

We are simply REVERTING to age-old, tired and worn-out God-hating, gluttonous, violent and hateful pagan licentiousness . . . . "Free will" run amok, making itself god, worshipping idols . . . while persecuting the "righteous" in the spirit of Cain and the Serpent.

Nothing new under the sun.  Same old thing.  As I once sang, "Old school is timeless/"new school" is the same old thing . . . You think you've got some new kind of license/ but all you've got is (demons) pulling on your nose ring."


Mark said...

The dog returns to the vomit.

Linda L. said...

Rakshasa in your song. I remember :) Yes, I don't follow news too closely either all day because of its distraction and fear creating.

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