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Notes and Comments....

Thanks Jon for alerting to your new blog.  I love the creative, very original design and of course the edifying and thought provoking messages you have there--very cool!  It is mighty encouraging to know that at least some students get to have a teacher like you ie., re your physics and astronomy discussions relating to the character of God . . . excellent stuff there!

LL . . . from your comment on the Grant Palmer post..... Yikes! re your textbook calling Mormonism a "new Christianity".  Glad you could enlighten the professor a bit, though we realize that unBelievers do not understand what Christianity actually is and so, we see them lumping all religions together that, ie., have "Jesus Christ" in the title or who CLAIM to follow His teachings.

The main topics at the recent LDS Conference, from what we heard and read about, by the "apostles" was basically telling the members to stay off the internet.  They simply cannot control anymore all the information that is now available--including from "the church's" own documents and history--which so clearly shows that the whole thing is a scam, a lie, a concoction made up by a charismatic, sexual deviant and con artist (J. Smith).  The "higher ups" have to know the whole thing is fraud, but the whole design of the church is to keep its members so busy with "callings" and duties and meetings and social engagements that they don't have time to stop and begin to objectively analyze all the obvious contradictions and red flags.  They also encase them in financial rewards and communal security with their welfare program, business "hook-ups" and other social benefits.

We are still praying that our youngest son who got ensnared by the con will finally come out of the trance and begin to question.  Problem is, the deeper in they get, the more they have to lose and it is just easier to keep the eyes shut, ears closed, heart hardened and go along with it.

What he or anyone else in that business cult needs to understand, however, is that their souls are at stake.   The Lord, as He has made clear, is not going to take lightly the affront that His creatures loved comfort, community, financial networking etc., MORE than the TRUTH!  In short, it is a great sin to love the "praise of men" MORE than the praise of God.  It is a horrendous blasphemy to call man-made lies "the restored Gospel" and to seek to please fellow creatures ABOVE seeking to please God and the One who suffered and died for our sake!

It is SERIOUS business--this tendency of all of us . . . to prefer "going along to get along" ABOVE taking what may come as a result of pursuing and following THE TRUTH above all!

Recently one of the big stories in Mormon church development was them lowering the age by which young men and girls are allowed to go on a mission to 18 years old.  My first thought when I heard this news was that the church is wanting to get their youth shipped off as soon as possible, into the brainwashing "missionary training program" and subsequent "mind controlling" mission BEFORE they have the chance to find out too much of the truth that is now readily available on the Internet.

I still suspect, as I mentioned some time ago, that if and when the Internet is altered to the point that such information is no longer so easy to access (ie., through some type of filtering or prohibitive "pay-per-view" scheme like the gov. is even now considering) that you will find a powerful Mormon politician very close or directly behind the information stifling agenda . . . ie., perhaps like the despicable Senator Harry Reid . . . .

I care for the Mormon people and am commanded to love them, and so do.  I have a lot of extended family who are bound and tormented by Mormonism's confusing, blasphemous, ever shifting doctrines, now including my youngest boy (as he fell in love with a Mormon girl and so, ended up joining after they secretly "worked" on him, unbeknownst to us.)  But I DO NOT care for or love MormonISM  !  And it's leadership know better!  But the perks are just too cushy--the money and the power . . . . It promotes a false Jesus--a small, weak Jesus who has NOT the power to save (as Mormons are taught THEY must also work their way to salvation.  As a necessary result of their doctrine it also teaches that God the Father had physical sex with own His daughter Mary to produce our so-called "brother" Jesus--which is a most disgusting depiction of our most HOLY, pure God, Who is in truth Spirit and NOT an "exalted man."

Oy, don't get me started! lol . . . .

Anyway, the cracks in the Mormon edifice are manifold and growing, such that really none of the believing adults have any excuse for not researching the fallacious claims of it's past and present founders and leaders.  Mormons need to repent and beg God for forgiveness for devoting their souls and lives to an abominable lie made in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! And pronto! With all that is happening in the world right now, no one should tarry their day of saving.  There WILL be a curtain call, and it will happen suddenly and coming unseen like a thief in the night!


Mark said...

"I will have NO false idols before me"


Linda L. said...

My World Religion teacher professed to being a Christian in a private conversation with her, but "not recognized as a Christian by a lot of other Christians." I think she may be Catholic Christian. She told her class one time she was raised Catholic but had tried Buddhism for awhile and that did not fit well for her, so she quit it. I realize orthodox Catholicism is not biblical, so not truly Christian, but I think she is one of those Catholics who see discrepancies in their practices and the Bible and is truly seeking Jesus and to obey him and his teachings as the Bible presents them. I also sent her the 20Truths about Mormonism link for a brief comparison of why Mormonism is not Christian by an ex-Mormon with a Ph. D. for more info after her response. I know she does not have a lot of time to read. Her specialty religion is Islam. We have a somewhat casual friendship, but I've never had the time to really speak much with her about her faith or anything not related to the class. It came up because I was telling her about my experience with the blatant atheist Ethics teacher last semester whose class I dropped. I hope you were able to read that e-mail.

Linda L. said...

At the end of a teacher/student conference on grades, I learned my World Religion professor left the Catholic church while in college and began studying the Septuagint when she saw fallacies in Catholicism. She is a professed Eastern Orthodox person now. I didn't step 0ut further and ask her what salvation depended on in the Eastern Orthodox church. I know you've expressed an interest in that sect. She reads only the Septuagint, not the King James Bible, but my quick investigation of the Septuagint is that it is only the Old Testament and Apocrypha interpreted into English from Hebrew and Greek. Info pages of Eastern Orthodox church say at present there is no official approved English translation of the New Testament, so they are temporarily using King James Version and Revised Standard Version until a new English translation is done.

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